Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Nov -16 Nov: SNOW.

This week I froze! But it was so good because it got us in to a lot more doors!
Example, we finally got to see Darshelle again! It was such a tender mercy! We taught her the Restoration, even though she has already heard it and it was wonderful. The Spirit was there. It was cool to see the light that came into her eyes. She is an amazing person. We will be seeing her tonight and we are so excited! She has accepted baptism! Woot woot!
Remember Dave? Well, he is STILL reading and he kind of gets frustrated because he doesn't really understand what he reads. But, he is praying and on Tuesday when we saw him, we were teaching him all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End). Well, we talked about repentance and baptism. As we began talking about baptism, he chirped up and said, "I have a question. Can a person be baptized into a different church?"
In my head, I'm thinking, "HALLELUJAH!"
We answer him by explaining how we only need baptism once IF it's performed by the Priesthood authority. He nods and we see a light turn on in his head and we know that's our cue. We then invite him to be baptized and he tells us that he has been thinking about it and wants to know what he needs to do to get baptized! At this point, my spirit is dancing.
AND! He came to church. Awww yeah.
We had a neat experience this week. We were teaching a recent convert. She has had some very negative feedback from some of her family after joining and it has been causing her to doubt her testimony. She is not even sure if God exists. I've never talked about it in my emails, but at the very beginning of my mission, I questioned my testimony--BIG TIME. I even doubted that God existed. I was struggling hard core. I had to do some soul searching and I finally received my answer to which I know with more of a surety that I have ever known that God is real and that He truly is our Heavenly Father. How would I have been able to help this poor girl unless I had been there myself? Truly the Lord loves His children. He allows certain people to come into our lives to help us and also for us to help.
I love you all! The church is true! Jesus Christ is truly our Savior. These things I know.
Love you! Sister Hardy

AND THEN THERE WAS SNOW. Saturday afternoon. We got stuck going up this hill. We have this TINY car. We had to turn around and go another way because we couldn't make it!

I forgot how easily I freeze! 

My last zone conference. WEIRD!

PUPPIES! "My favorite animal is puppies." 

3 Nov - 9 Nov 2014: DAVE!

As always, this past week was wonderful. We always enjoy our weeks as missionaries! Some are more rough than others, but this week was great!
On Tuesday, I met Angelica! She is in her early twenties and she is the bees knees. She told us that she is seeking to have a relationship with God because she knows that is what will help her. She has so much faith! She expressed that she had gone down a bad road and that now she wants to straighten up her life and live her life with God. We shared the Restoration with her and we asked her what her thoughts were and she said that it is possible that it could be true. I think she said something along the lines of "With God anything is possible." Holler. Anyways, we are SO excited about teaching her!
Then we saw Dave! Remember Dave? Guess what? He smiled like four times while we saw him this past week! He's been reading from the Book of Mormon and of course, like all missionaries, we were STOKED about that! He told us that he still doesn't understand it and we have reassured him that he will come to understand. ALSO. He came to the Ward Chili Cook-off which was delicious and I seriously wish we could have one of those every week. Anyways, he wasn't able to come to church because he absolutely had to sign some paper work for his grave. I didn't realize that people buy their graves and such before they die. I can dig it :). Like my pun?
Wednesday, we had the chance to help with a missionary activity with the youth. We taught the youth how to teach the first lesson in Preach My Gospel. We had to teach them in 15 minutes how to teach it. It was a lot of fun. Then they practiced teaching the elders after we taught them what to teach. We told them that they needed to start with a prayer, teach the doctrine, leave a commitment, and end with a prayer. We also encouraged them to invite those they taught to be baptized. Apparently only a few actually did it! Hahaha! I wish I had more of an idea of what missionary work was like before I came out. I was always so dumbfounded when I went out with the sisters!
Later in the week, one of the women we are teaching texted us and asked if we could come over that night. Luckily, we were able to arrange something so we could make it to Marissa's. She expressed her concern about life and we shared with her the importance of reading from the Book of Mormon and why and how it will help her. We will be seeing her tonight and I have faith that she read!
I love this gospel. There were some verses in the Doctrine and Covenants that I read this week that really resonated with me.
Doctrine and Covenants 101 :35-36
 35 And all they who suffer persecution‍ for my name, and endure in faith, though they are called to lay down their lives for my sake‍ yet shall they partake of all this glory. 36 Wherefore, fear not‍ even unto death; for in this world your joy is not full, but in me your joy‍ is full.
In this life our joy will not be full, but in the next, with Jesus Christ, we will have a fullness of joy if we endure in faith!
Love you all!
Sister Hardy

Enjoying a lovely evening at a restaurant! We had a gift card. 

Week of 27 October - 2 November 2014: Work! Work! Work!

Oh my goodness! This week has been a week full of fun and craziness! So many miracles have happened.
For example, Sister Harker and I were driving down the road and we see this man waiting for the bus on Sable Ave.  We pull over and run up and go talk to him. His name is Rommy. He told us that he had only been in Aurora for a couple of days and that he was very spiritual. He rejected us, but it wasn't too bad. We went back to the car and went to the place where we were going to contact people that missionaries had met in the past. We go there and about an hour later, we realize that the phone is gone. Said a prayer. We knew exactly where to go--the bus stop where we met Rommy. We get there and it's not on the ground and no one is around us and so just as we were about to leave, this man comes out of one of the apartments and asks if we lost a phone. We told him that we had and he said that he had called the bishop to pick it up and that he was on his way! How did he know to call him? Miracle.
Also, after several visits, Dave finally read from the Book of Mormon! Hallelujah! Also, another person that we are teaching, Jodon, has been reading from the Book of Mormon nearly everyday and praying everyday! AND. We are also teaching Jodon's brother, Patrick, and he is still excited and ready to be baptized! When we have taught him the commandments, like tithing, we invite him to keep those specific commandments, and he has hesitated, but every time he has accepted. He understands that the decision he is making to be baptized isn't of small significance, but rather of great importance.
Something else that happened this week was we met Vanessa. I was on exchanges in a different area (which was a bummer because this incredible thing happened!) with Sister Bird. Anyways. We knock on this door and meet this young girl, Vanessa. We talk with her for a little bit and Sister Bird really needs to use the restroom (missionary problems), so she asks if she can use Vanessa's and she invites us into her home. Well, turns out that Vanessa had company, a family from Ghana was visiting her family. When Sister Bird comes out of the bathroom, a man calls for us to come to him, Steven. He asks us to sit and we pray with him. He then asks us what message we have to share with him. We begin to share the starting points of the Restoration of the gospel. Steven then asks if he can share something with us and opens to John 14. He reads most of the chapter and puts emphasis on verses twenty six and twenty seven:
26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.
 27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
He tells us that he recognized us as servants of the Lord because of the name that we bear on our nametags. He says that we were sent to him and his family from God. He knew that because of the name that we bear! How incredible is that!!
As missionaries, we really represent Jesus Christ. Just as if He were on the Earth, we are doing what He would be doing--teaching, ministering, bring peace.
Truly the Lord loves us! He allowed us to have such an amazing experience with Steven and his wife, Chosen. Miracles.
The Gospel is true. I know this.
I love you all!
Sister Hardy

Look at that beautiful Colorado sky! 

Getting gas at a really really old gas station in the heart of Aurora! 

20 October - 26 October 2014: Sable.

We have had so much fun this week! Missionary work is so much fun. A lot of missionaries forget that helping other to come unto Christ is actually fun! I love it! As President Mendenhall says, "If you aren't smilin', then you don't have the gospel!" Great words to live by.
I met a lot of amazing people this week! On Monday night, we met with Marissa (Ma-ree-suh). Turns out we came at the perfect time. She was super stressed and having family issues and she just broke down.
However, I think the greatest miracle came when we met Darshelle. She had been given a copy of the Book of Mormon a couple months ago and Sister Harker went to follow-up before I got there. Turns out Darshelle has been reading bits and pieces of the Book of Mormon since she was given it. She is in 2 Nephi right now! How amazing is that? She told us that she knows she needs to come closer to God.  We asked her why she invited us in and she told us that she needs what we have. We invited her to be baptized and to that she said, "Well, I've been baptized _____ and ______, so why not Mormon?!" We didn't have time to explain the priesthood authority, but we will be doing that this week!
We also met with this young woman, Ley-lonni. She is incredible! She is 15 and she just was baptized! She has such a strong testimony of the gospel. We invited her to read from a chapter in Alma about the Savior's Atonement. Later that night, while Sister Harker and I were preparing for bed, she texted us and told us that she had read the chapter and that she loved it! No recent convert I have every taught in the time I have been here in Colorado has done that! Holy macaroni. She is the bees knees, I'm telling you! She is going to be an amazing missionary--if she decides to serve!
We met this really cool guy this week, Adee. He is in the medical field of and very intelligent and very religious. He kind of wanted to bash with us, but it was so cool because we didn't bash! At the beginning of my mission, I totally would have wanted to bash, but I didn't have any desire to bash. We explained to him that if he wants to learn about what we believe that we will gladly share with him, but when contention comes into the picture, we will need to withdraw ourselves. Discussions are good. Arguments are bad. He was very accepting of our response. I was so happy. Also, he was a pretty cool guy--he speaks French!
This week so many other amazing things happened: we took a picture with this guy and this woman walking her dogs, we invited someone to stop smoking after knowing him for 30 seconds, and we able to see a man begin to understand why our message is so important (Dave). I'll talk more about him later.
If I had to choose one thing my mission has taught me it would be that God's love truly is real. Yesterday during sacrament meeting, we sang "Reverently and Meekly Now" (hymn 185). Some of the words read, "Think of me, thou ransomed one; think what I for thee have done. With my blood that dripped like rain, sweat in agony of pain, with my body on the tree I have ransomed even thee."
The Savior has paid the ultimate price for us. Sin is our captor and Christ has paid the ransom for us to be released.
In the last verse of the hymn it reads, "At the throne I intercede; For thee ever do I plead. I have loved thee as thy friend, with a love that cannot end."
The Savior lives and loves us so much. He pleads our cause before the Father. He makes salvation possible. His love cannot end. The Savior lives!
I love you all!
Sister Hardy

Alex and Ramona! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So long Bible Park~ Hello Aurora

 My beloved Sister P! She always comes out with us. SO FUNNY.

 This pretty much sums up my Denver South zone family. Goofy

A LOT of really bizarre, crazy, random things happened this week that have given Sister Packer and I a good laugh (most of the time).

So many miracles have happened his week. First off. Sister Packer and I were dropping off thank you notes to families in the ward for dinner, participating in Wendy's baptism, etc. Well, our new idea for finding was to knock the apartments or houses around those that we dropped notes off to. Tuesday began it all. We dropped off a note and began to knock on the apartments around. We knocked two floors and only one person answered. Not interested. We decided to knock another floor and the first door we knock in, we are welcomed in like royalty. They (a couple and their daughter--Mo and Hodam, their daughter Fatima--sit us down and give us these cute little croissant things and then they bring out drinks for us and chocolates. NO ONE has ever done that for us, granted they don't need to, but it was incredible. We began teaching this family and they really wanted to compare their beliefs with ours, but we began to teach them the first discussion as best as we could and they were fascinated by the Book of Mormon. They were especially fascinated by the fact that we have a copy in their native language. Holler to the gospel for being universal.

Another miracle that happened was while we were on exchanges! I was with dear Sister Francis (who actually served back in Thornton--there's no place like Thornton!) in Bible Park and we were trying to contact some people, which wasn't working out. We talked to this one woman who was super not interested in what we had to say, super nice cute old lady (too many adjectives). We knocked on a few doors--nothing. We saw this woman who was wearing a "I'd rather be in Utah" shirt and so of course, Sister Francis and I start wondering if she has seen missionaries before. Well, we approach her and begin chatting with her, Kelly. Turns out the elders up in Aurora were teaching her about three months ago, but then she moved to Florida for three months and came back and is staying in our area for the time being. MIRACLES HAPPEN (I think I should just title every weekly entry that). Anyways, we got her number and set up a time to see her. I'll let you know how that goes!

Then! This woman that Sister McKenzie (like 4 transfers ago) and I found on exchanges got baptized! Imagine that. That was so cool to see her enter the waters of baptism. She was so ready. Really quickly; here's how we found her. We were looking through former investigator teaching records and found Shelia. WELL. We decide to go see her (I'm just following Sister McKenzie around downtown at the time). We get to the building and it's one of those where you need to get buzzed in--well, we are first trying to figure out which one is her's because there were only first initials and last names on the mailboxes and they said which apartment number--I hope you are following. Anyways, we are trying to figure it out when this woman comes through with her dog and sees us and our name badges and says, "I think you're looking for me." To which we respond, "Are you Shelia?" It was her and she was elect at first sight. AMAZING.

Now here is some humor. We had a bug problem in our apartment this past week--so we have spent the past three days cleaning, bagging clothes, washing clothes, drying EVERYTHING (pillows, blankets, jackets, etc.). Well, we washed our bedding and I threw it all in the dryer. Okay, so I stuffed it full. I didn't want to take so much time doing laundry. Anyways, the dryer got way to hot and burnt a whole through Sister Packer's comforter--whether it caught on fire, whether it just melted the material, we don't know. But I patched it up (it was a softball sized hole). I felt so silly. It looks silly, but at least she can still use it.

And. This next week will be my last in Mount Denver. On Monday the twentieth, I will be heading to the Sable ward in Mighty Aurora. I am excited and sad to leave this place.

I love you all so much. Something that Heavenly Father keeps reminding me about is just how much He really loves His children. He knows each person's struggles and pains--but more than that He loved us enough to let His son suffer, bleed, and die for us. This gospel is true. I know it. I love all of you so so much. Remember that our Father in Heaven will not forsake us. One of our zone leaders this week talked about how we are created to be champions--over sin, over sorrow, over mortality. Remember the champion within.

MOUNT DENVER. There are only five sisters in the zone. When all the missionaries try to get a picture, it's pandemonium. Imagine 20 cameras on self timers all going at different times. Yes. That's it.
I love you!
Sister Hardy

Week of 13 October -19 October 2014: Mighty AURORA            

MY NEW COMPANION. Sister Harker! Yes, Sister Harker and Sister Hardy. It's been making me stumble a wee bit.

My adventures in Aurora actually started Saturday! We exchanged prior to Monday because we could! Also I was a wee bit anxious to get here. Long goodbyes are painful. IT WAS SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE to Bible Park! Really really hard. I totally cried. However, I am happy and ready to hit the ground running here in Aurora. Note: I have been wanting to serve in Aurora sense I the first three months on my mission. I came here for exchanges with one of the craziest sisters and fell in LOVE with this place. Again, miracles happen. Now I am here to stay! Also, my companion is Sister Harker. She is from Canadia. Oh, sorry Canada, eh? She is pretty cool.
Reasons why Sister Harker is cool:
1. She likes to have a fan on at night for NOISE. We are totally kindred spirits.
2. She loves MUSIC--even the corny EFY music we can listen to out here.
3. She loves the Lord. (She came out on a mission because the Lord told her to! and she followed through!)
As you can see, we are going to get along great this transfer. But, really I love her enthusiasm for the work. She is a hard worker and she truly is so humble. I am so excited that I have the chance to be her companion!
OH! AND. I am no longer a Sister Training Leader. So you know what that means?! MORE TIME. We have some awesome things planned this week!
This past week was amazing. We were able to see a lot of people and do amazing things. One of which was to invite, invite, INVITE people to enter the waters of baptism. We were trained on the importance of baptism in one of our meetings and we were challenged to invite as many people to be baptized as we could. So Sister Packer and I did. The miracles that happened because of that invitation were astronomical. Okay, not really, but they are THAT amazing.
First, we had an appointment with a friend of Bernard's (he was baptized back in July), Aminah. Aminah is 21--my age, which is crazy! She also has the sweetest little baby boy, EJ. Well, we began to teach Aminah and she didn't seem to be listening. But we taught her about how God loves her so much and how she truly can make a change in her life because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We BOTH felt like we needed to invite her to be baptized. My thoughts: "We can't invite her to be baptized! She doesn't even know why it's important!" However, I pushed those thoughts aside and followed my heart and we invited her to be baptized! Her response, "I've been wanting to be baptized for a long time now. I think that's exactly what I need right now in my life." What the what?! Seriously. I thought my jaw was going to hit the floor I was so stunned.
Second, we were late for dinner, but we saw this woman outside playing with her dog. I thought to myself, "Should we go talk to her?" Sister Packer said a prayer when we parked and in her prayer she said, "Heavenly Father, please help us to know if we need to go talk to that woman." So we went and talked to her. Obviously we needed to do that. We introduce ourselves and she tells us that she served as a missionary for her church in Kenya years ago to help with the humanitarian effort. Super cool. We talked to her for a little bit about that and we asked if we could come back and talk with her more. We got her number and yes, we then invited her to be baptized! She told us that she has already been baptized, but that she is willing to talk to us about what baptism means for us. WOWZA.
That night we invited someone else and he was kind of like "Eh. Whatever." which was better than a slammed door, but then a couple days later, we met with this woman, Kelly. We invited her to be baptized, too! And you know what she said? "I would LOVE to get baptized." Have I told you all about how much I love being a missionary?
This week during my studies, I was pondering, I guess, and I was really worried about what the new transfer would hold. I was pretty nervous because I was in Bible Park for 6 months (roughly) and I was SUPER comfortable there. But I saw a quote that I had totally forgotten about and it had been a long time since I read it.
"When is situations of stress we wonder if there is any more of us to give. We can be comforted to know that God, who knows us perfectly, placed us here to succeed. No one was ever foreordained to fail." - Elder Neal A Maxwell
I may have been a bit scared or nervous, but I am not here in Aurora to fail, but to succeed. I am so excited to be here and to watch the Lord continue to hasten His work. This gospel is so true. I know it. I love it. Everyone here in Aurora is thirsting for something--some of those people are knowingly thirsting for the gospel and others don't know what their lives are lacking. I am so excited for all the miracles that will happen here in the Sable ward.
I love you all so very much!!! Heavenly Father lives and loves you!
Love, Sister Hardy

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"...My joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God."

  Butter beer. Harry Potter :)
Love this family!

Wowza. This week went by SUPER fast.

We had some super cool miracles. First. Sister Packer and I were trying to see a former investigator for our appointment, Ryan. Well, we knock on his door and he isn't home. BUMMED. I was super excited to see him! Anyways, Sister Packer and I have this feeling that we need to go see his friend, Rani--who just so happens to be a member of the church. Well, so we go see Rani because we feel like we need to (and I really didn't want to because I felt that we would be spending our time better else where). Anyways, Rani and her mother are home and we ask them if we can help them in any way. They decline our offer, but Irene (Rani's mom) says, "There is a woman in apt 307. Her name is Brianna and she is looking for a church to go to." WHOA. At this point I'm feeling like David after the dentist, "Is this real life?" We leave and quickly go to see Brianna and talk to her (thankfully she was home! ) AND set up an appointment. We see her on Friday AND she is asking all the right questions and SO OPEN. Miracles. Miracles. Miracles. We couldn't even teach all of the first lesson because she had SO many things to say and questions to ask. IT WAS AMAZING.
Another experience: we were leaving our dinner appointment and we were walking back to the car when we passed a less active member's door. We kept walking and finally, we turned around submitting to the prompting that we were given--we felt that we needed to go back and knock on her door. We go back and knock on her door. While we are waiting for someone to answer, Sister Packer turns to me and tells me that we have knocked on this door before and that Maya, the woman we were looking for, doesn't live there. Sure enough this older woman answers the door and we apologize but offer to say a prayer with her. She accepts and INVITES US IN. Oh yes. We say a prayer with her and we were super STOKED.

Then later in the week, we went on exchanges. I was with Sister Grossman in the YSA ward in the stake. Our eight o'clock appointment cancelled and we were bummed because that is the all time hardest appointment to fill. Anyways, we being trying to find some former investigators and NO ONE is home and/or they don't live there anymore. We are about to go knock on another door when we see this young family in the parking lot running around and having some fun. We approach them and learn that they are from Egypt and just recently moved here. We talk to the wife, Hanaa, while the husband runs around with their little boy. Well, we basically explain why our message is so different from other churches. We talk about prophets and the Restoration a wee bit. We ask if we can come back and talk to her more and she accepts! We will be seeing her family tomorrow night. Miracles happen!

Also. Side note. Sister Packer and I have been listening to this amazing talk! From Mafia to Mormon or something like that. IT IS INCREDIBLE.

The Gospel is true. Jesus lives! He loves us and He is the light of the world. He is the reason we have and find happiness every day.
Love you all! Sister Hardy


 Guess who I got to see!!! SISTER HANSHAW

1. WENDY GOT BAPTIZED! The two little boys are Brian and CP.
2. You know how I love children!

Hi all!
This week was great! We had an AMAZING week. We had the chance to see the movie--yes, A MOVIE--"Meet the Mormons." It was SO GOOD. If any of you have questions about members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you should totally watch this movie. It goes through the lives of six families and they share how our unique message has shaped their lives and why they keep with it. INCREDIBLE.
If you haven't seen the pictures yet, you should look really quickly because WENDY GOT BAPTIZED! Isn't that awesome? She was so ready! When we saw her on Saturday, she told us that when she went to starbucks she didn't get coffee! Aw yeah. We were so proud. Wendy was just GLOWING when she got out of the font. It was incredible. Wendy really understands why her baptism was so important. She understood that her baptism meant she was making a covenant (a two-way, binding promise with God). She was SO ready.
I think the best thing about seeing someone enter the waters of baptism is seeing the change that has taken place. They have a greater light. It's incredible.
Seeing people enter into the waters of baptism helps me remember the missionaries who taught me, my baptism, and my conversion. It helps me remember the happiness that was brought to my family.  We made room for the Lord to bless us and we have been filled time and time again with the blessings that the gospel has brought to our lives. My life has forever been changed. "And whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he" (Proverbs 16:20).
If you have any questions why we pursue sharing our message so strongly, you should listen to this talk give yesterday by one of the apostles of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
Elder David A. Bednar shared with the world yesterday as to why we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints feel so inclined to share our message with the world. He tells a story of two of his sons. They were outside playing and the younger was scratched up for a little one and needed some tender love and care. The older took the younger inside and washed his brother's arm, put some soothing cream on it, and placed bandages all up and down the boy's arm. The younger brother, when his elder brother was finished, took the bandages and the creme outside with him to help all his friends. I totally butchered the story, but watch it, read it, listen to it, whatever! It all makes sense as to why we freely share our message with those around us. (As you can tell, I loved General Conference! If you haven't watched it, no time is better than now!).
This gospel is true. It has changed me. It can change you!
I love you all!
Sister Hardy

"...My joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.
"Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things..." (Alma 26:11-12)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week of September 8th and Week of 15 Following the Spirit‏

This week has been incredible!!! Sister Packer and I with our zone and our mission fasted this week---over 200 missionaries with our mission president and his wife! I received so much strength! We fasted because Elder Larry R Lawrence of the second quorum of the seventy came to our mission! It was intense. He called me to repentance! (Not me specifically, but I definitely have a different mindset about things--look for the picture! Ain't he cute?!) We talked about the necessary things we must do to hasten the work AND his wife even spoke to us about the elect--those who are prepared and ready for the Gospel. ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD guess what Sister Packer and I fasted about? THOSE EXACT THINGS. Crazy, eh? President Mendenhall always says, "God does not do random." There is not a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father touched our hearts because of the desires we have to hasten the work! I have LEARNED SOOOOO MUCH! It is awesome. Oh and Elder Lawrence interviewed me and Sister Packer. CRAZYYYYYYYY.

Well. On to the rest of my week. We were able to have interviews this week with President and Sister Mendenhall. The Mendenhalls do things a little differently. We are interviewed by BOTH of them as opposed to just the president and it's really cool! It's super cool. President Mendenhall challenged me to pray with just gratitude prayers. I tried it out and man I stumbled and stumbled. There would be SO many times, embarrassingly enough, where I would ask for a certain blessing and have to go back and say, "Wait! No! I mean..." Note: ASKING FOR BLESSINGS FROM HEAVENLY FATHER IS NOT A BAD THING. President Mendenhall was not saying that. He didn't even insinuate it, but it helped me realize something that I already knew: I cannot do this by myself. For example, I didn't just say, "I am thankful for our ability to teach Wendy," but instead, "I am thankful for the blessings that you have brought to Wendy and to the Spirit that I know she will feel as she reads for the Book of Mormon." I seriously was mind boggled at how much I need help. I didn't realize how much I really truly ask for until I accepted President's challenge and followed through on it. Man. I love this Gospel.

Something Sister Packer and I did this week was make applesauce for a couple in the ward! They needed a few extra hands (they have two apple trees in their yard and a pear tree and a plum tree and so we were greatly needed to help!) and so we gladly volunteered and we had a blast! Sister Packer and I went home with three containers full of homemade applesauce, a dozen apples, kale chips, and later, they made apple cake for us. Service really brings a happy heart.

So. About Wendy. We saw her twice this week and invited her to come to church, and she didn't. We were so sad! Especially since it was the primary program and the spirit was super strong--WE HAD SOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE THERE (I felt like I was back home in Canandaigua ward). Anyways, we were uber sad and we stopped by her place and talked to her and taught her once again--differently than we have, Elder Lawrence Corbridge from the seventy teaches that investigators need to hear things seven different times, seven different ways until they REALLY get it. Something that was really amazing was that we could see the wheels turning in Wendy's mind as we explained the importance of church, prayer, and reading from the Book of Mormon. Note: we the missionaries DO NOT CONVERT PEOPLE. The Spirit does. Anyways, we felt that we needed to again invite her to prepare for baptism and we invited her for the first Sunday in October and she said, "Yeah, I'll be ready by then!" Boom shot. Follow the Spirit, kids. Oh and stay in school.

To end off our week, we had dinner with this family from Mexico--they are INCREDIBLE. Brother M is incredible. He always teases us and he looks like Gavino! Gavino from my first area! He is so awesome! Anyways, while we were there we asked about their missionary work and the three M girls talked about their experiences and it was so wonderful to see their testimonies of the gospel and how they have influenced their friends. Side note: Kenia has a friend named Alma Younger. YES. It's true. And Alma isn't a member of the church. Super cool. We then asked them who of their neighbors could we go and say a prayer with and they gave us a family to go see in their neighborhood! It was awesome. Their neighbors weren't interested, but that doesn't matter. It's the invitation that does.

This gospel is true. It's incredible. No matter the difficulties in the mission my testimony remains strong and becomes stronger and stronger each day. I love this work! I love the Lord! I love you all!

Love, Sister Hardy
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 Elder Larry R Lawrence
Somebody sent us flowers! Hahahha! Kidding. We were tracting and we saw these and took a picture
 with them :D

I got to see Sister Holiday!!!

And, Sister Reynold, oh I miss her accent!
Week of 15 Sept through 21 Sept 2014: Following the Spirit            

Firstly. Can you believe it is almost October? We were in Safeway (a grocery store here) and I was amazed that there is Halloween candy out already! I didn't buy any though :)

This week has been an incredible week of following the Spirit. There were so many times this week where Sister Packer and I had made plans and the Spirit told us otherwise.

Example one. On Tuesday around 7:30pm, we were tracting (knocking doors) and trying to find some people to teach. Well, no one answered the door who was the least bit interested. We get a phone call and it's our 8pm appointment cancelling--which is probably the worst time for someone to cancel, but it happens. Well, me being me and my companion being Sister Packer, we REALLY need to use the restroom--See, mom! I am drinking enough water :). Anyways, because no one is letting us in, we need to find somewhere. We get in the car and start driving to a recent convert's home, but then, a thought comes for us to go see a sister in the ward who is much closer. We call her and she's home and says we can come over. We get there and she is distraught. She had just had a fight with her daughter and is so upset. Talk about a miracle! We saw a prayer with her and end up teaching a lesson. The spirit was so STRONG.

Example two: We had an appointment with a potential, Jose' that we had met contacting at this one apartment complex. Anyways, he wasn't home. So we wanted to see a former that lives in that same area. Well. We go over there and we meet this woman, Betsy. She tells us that Maranda (the former investigator) doesn't live there anymore. Betsy begins to tell us all of these horrible things that are going on in her life: bed bugs (she had to trash her mattresses), landlord lost her rent check, she has an infection, and her dad just passed away. Shoot dang. She begins to cry and we invite her to learn more about what we share with people and she accepts. We set up a time to come back and when we do, Sister Packer asks Betsy if she is ready to change. Betsy, without hesitation, says "Yes." Thank you, Heavenly Father!

Example three: Last night it was raining, cold, and it was dark outside. We were going to try to contact a couple of potential investigators, but it was way too dark and it wasn't right. Anyways, we try this former investigator, Ryan. AND HE'S HOME and like SUPER happy to see us! He invites us in (there was a less active sister there!) and we set up a time to come back and it was lovely. SO HAPPY.

I love you all! The gospel has been restored and I know that Jesus lives!

Love you!
Sister Hardy


Monday, September 8, 2014

Week of 2 September - 7 Sept 2014‏

Welllllllll! I have a new companion! Her name is SISTER PACKER! Yes, she is related to the hilarious Packer family back in Thornton. Love her to pieces. Sister Hanshaw is now in Brighton and I am still in Bible Park. Going on 6 months--woot woot! This place is amazing! And I am so loving it :D.

My last week with Sister Hanshaw went by SO FAST. We had a LOT of fun (and some crazy) things happen. We went to a museum on P-day and there were some members of the Littleton stake there! And then we got free cookies from another member when we went out for lunch. For example, we went on exchanges with some Sisters in the stake and we were meeting up to exchange back--I was in Greenwood village for the night with Sister Wily. Anywho, Sister Hanshaw and I got locked out of the car after 9pm. IT WAS HORRIBLE. Luckily, the Greenwood village sisters were still there and we sat in their car and waited for the magic door unlocker to come save us! YAY!

We met this amazing woman from England, Betty, and she has the coolest accent--she made me miss my dear Sister Reynolds! Well Betty hasn't been to church in years and so we began teaching her the missionary lessons. It was very interesting to see how necessary this gospel is in order to find TRUE happiness. Side note, she has a dog named Hillary and that dog does NOT like me. She growled at me like the entire lesson. I'd reach for my scriptures and she would bark and bark. Is it bad that I thought it was so comical?

OH! And Bruce got baptized! He is such a sweet man. He really has such a big heart and he calls us his family. SO PRECIOUS. Bruce has been a breeze to teach. He gave up coffee like it was __________. He is so amazing! He really was so prepared--such a beautiful soul.

Honestly, I can't remember the rest of the week, so I will give you a rundown about what happened last night after transfers. SO. S Packer and I were driving down the street and we feel this prompting to stop this guy (blue shirt) who was walking on the sidewalk, so we find a place to park in a nearby plaza and walk really quickly to try and catch up with him. Well, he is walking WAY too fast. The only way Sister Packer and I are going to catch up with him is to run. And we see this other guy (black shirt) and we try to start talking to him, but he's not interested, so we ask each other, "Should we chase that man(blue shirt)?" Immediately, I think, "No, that would be creepy." And then the Atonement pops into my head and I say, "You know what?! He needs this!" And then we chased the guy down the street. Yep. His name is Ben and his best friend is a member of the church and he said that he doesn't have any intentions on changing his religion, BUT we got his number and he said we could meet up. Isn't that awesome!?

AND THEN. Right after, we had down on our plans to go see a recent convert (we didn't have a set appointment) and it just didn't feel right. We felt that we needed to go see a woman, T, who hasn't been coming to church consistently. So we go over there and it wasn't a good time, but we set up another time. Anyways, Sister Packer suggests that we try to find out where this other woman lives that we saw before we saw T. So we try to see where she could have gone into with no luck, but then we see a man changing a tire! We go and introduce ourselves and he tells us his name is Silver and he is from Honduras. Anyways, we start teaching him about the Restoration and he asks us a whole bunch of super awesome questions AND we have an appointment with him later this week!

Follow promptings. They know the way.

I love this gospel more and more everyday! I love my mission! I love being a missionary! I love seeing the change that happens in others, but I have loved seeing the change that my mission has brought about in me!

I love you all!
Sister Hardy

We had a sisters meeting for the missionaries in the stake! I love them so much!

One HUGE thing I have learned in the last 14 months is that the older I get, the more the time flies. Seriously, I feel like summer just started yesterday, and now it is September! Holy cannoli! Note to reader: enjoy EVERY day.

Now for my weekly report. Alright. SO. Sister Packer and I were trying to find people to teach and we were at this apartment complex trying to see this woman, but she wasn't home. Well, we knocked on this other door because I had seen an investigator there some months earlier. There was an answer and the woman was actually someone that the sisters taught once before very briefly, so that turned into just casual conversation. We decided to leave, but when we were on our way to the car we heard some voices coming from an apartment on the third floor of the building and so we made our way up there, thinking it was a prompting, and miracle! A family from the Middle East answered the door and let us say a prayer of peace over their home. The daughter who let us in told us that they believe in Christ as more than a prophet--well, at least that's what we gathered from the conversation. She had a pretty awesome and thick accent. (Seriously. I LOVE being a missionary. You meet so many people from different walks of life!) She told us that we were welcome to come back and you know we jumped on that offer. The problem is that she works 2 jobs, so it might be a bit crazy to get a time to stop by. But if it's meant to be, it will be!

We also had an amazing miracle on Tuesday. We stopped by a referral and taught this potential investigator from Ethiopia, Sonia. She had some awesome questions about the Book of Mormon. She was really confused as to why we have the Book of Mormon and so we shared with her the reasons behind another volume of scripture and we were horrible missionaries and didn't have a copy on us, so we had to bring her a copy the next day. Well, we knocked on Sonia's door with the Book of Mormon and her face just lit up and she was SO excited. She was so thankful for it. Sonia made it seem like we were giving her gold! When she reads it, she will come to know that we are giving her something far beyond the price of gold.

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to visit with an older couple in the ward. The wife has had her cancer come back FOUR times and this past week she found out it came back again! (There is a word for that, but I can't think of it). Anyways, we went over to comfort and to invite the spirit into their homes. The husband said that she would enjoy it. Well, as we talked with her I was touched at the faith that both she and her husband have. Although cancer has been at the door for the past several years, we were all reminded of what the Savior has done for each of us. He has suffered, bled, and died. He has lived out lives. He knows our circumstances and the reality of our trials--because He has lived them. I know that He lives. I know that Jesus is the Christ. This knowledge has changed me more than I can say!

I love you all! Remember to brush your teeth and say your prayers!
Alma 7:11-13
Sister Hardy

    Saturday, August 30, 2014

    "This is my joy"‏

    Wow! What an amazing week! The Lord seriously has blessed me so much!

    Because of my assignment, I am able to go to other sisters' areas and see how things are going. It is SO FUN. But also, sisters can come to my area with me (or my companion). This week we had 2 exchanges (this seems to happen at the end of the transfers--we double up). I had the chance to go on exchanges with Sister Bush and Sister Wilde. While Sister Bush and I were on exchanges, she told me that before she came out on her mission she totally read my blog! Pretty cool, eh? That was really exciting to hear that someone had read my blog! Dang. That feels like forever ago.

    Something AMAZING that happened this week was that I was able to see a part of my Thornton ward family. I got to see Michelle and her girls. It was so wonderful to be with family again. I LOVED IT. I also got to see Barrie and Rob!! (Don't worry--I call them Sister ____ and Brother _____. But since this is going on the internet, I will use first names instead :)). IT WAS AWESOME. It's an incredible thing to be able to serve somewhere as a missionary and just love the people there with everything you've got. Seriously. I didn't think I was actually going to love EVERYONE I served around and got to know, but I did! And I do!
    For example, last night we went tracting (something we weren't entirely thrilled about, but we did it anyway). Anyways, we knocked on eight doors and one guy answered and he was really kind, but not interested. Well, we walk around the building and we see some people outside with a couple of dogs--one of which runs to us (I LOVE DOGS--and cats, of course). His owner seems a little bit on edge since his dog ran quite a distance from him. At that time we were on the phone, so we couldn't start talking to the people yet. After a few minutes, we are off the phone and we started talking to these people: Bri, Q (short for Qvani -sp?), and Darrell. THEY WERE AMAZING PEOPLE. As we were talking to them, we asked if we could share with them a little bit about our message and they accepted (holler!). We said a prayer and begin to teach them the first lesson: the Restoration. Oh my goodness. I just felt SOOOOO much love for those people--complete strangers. As we were teaching, my eyes began to water and my heart felt full. The spirit was so strong. SO STRONG. I felt that Heavenly Father had led us there that night specifically for them. I also thought to myself that I will certainly miss being a missionary (I still have time. I keep telling myself.). Nothing spectacular came of it (ex. they didn't yell, "BAPTIZE ME!"), but they were softened. I could feel it. We will be seeing them again this weekend--hopefully. Missionary work for the win!

    Updates on Wendy and Bruce.
    Wendy is amazing. She really understands what we teach--which I feel that that is unusual for a 16 year old girl. She keeps her commitments to come to church and she reads and prays and she is ready for her baptism!!!! EEK.
    As for Bruce. Oh man. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM. Earlier this week, we were leaving his home with some members that are teaching him with us and Bruce said, "You are my family!" It was so stinking tender. I was SO TOUCHED. He also is VERY VERY excited for his baptism.
    Conversion. Change. It's the fruit of the gospel!

    I've realized on my mission that it really is the small things that matter most. The sun shining. A light breeze. A glass of water. I have seen so MANY miracles on my mission. But they haven't been any earth shaking things. But these tiny miracles allow AMAZING things to happen.
    Example: On Saturday, we were on exchanges. We had an appointment at 11:30 and we needed to take our lunch right after because we had something we needed to do at 1:30. Well. We didn't end up getting out of our appointment until like 1. (We should never be in an appointment longer than an hour. I admit, this is something I have struggled with since day one. But. That's no excuse). I was so flustered about our appointment, but it ended well. Anyways, we had planned on going to a pizza place for lunch--cheap, easy, and we didn't have anything great in the refrigerator. Well, we get to the pizza place and order to go. I use the bathroom and come out and Sister Wilde is talking with a woman who had ordered food and her order was wrong. My first thought is "This is a public place and we shouldn't be proselyting." My second thought was "Who cares? She is listening!" I sat down and joined the conversation and she gave us her address and phone number. Miracles happen. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she said that she would start it that night. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! I LOVE THE GOSPEL.

    Well. That's my week. Christ lives!

    I love you all!!!
    Sister Hardy

    We had dinner with the Lawsons this week!!! They serve downtown. They have such a special place in my heart
    EXCHANGES! We tried to take a selfie. Sister B's face is a bit gone.

    Our stake held a fair and there were snow cones! So while Sister Hanshaw and I were running the missionary booth.


    Monday, August 18, 2014

    Week of 11 August- 17 August 2014‏

    We had a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat week!

    On Tuesday, we had zone conference and it was amazing! At a missionary's last zone conference, he bears his testimony of the restored gospel and of the things he has learned on his mission. Well, I had a rude wake-up call when I realized that in the next zone conference I would be giving my departing testimony. I CRIED. I absolutely love my mission. NOTHING would prepare me for my future like my mission has. Other people can learn and prepare in other ways, but like I have said before, I have come to find myself by losing myself in this work--you know, it's one of the paradoxes of this gospel. (And don't get me wrong, I am happy to see my friends and family again and to apply everything I have learned here. I'll just be honest though: I am so scared. The time is FLYIN', and I am having a hard time keeping up with the pace!) I want every one here in Denver (well, in the world. First, Denver. Next, THE WORLD) to know that Jesus is the Christ and our personal Savior. One mortal voice does not have such power (and somehow I thought I would?).

    Alas, back to reality. SO. I was Downtown on Wednesday on exchanges and we had an AMAZING experience. It was such a testimony builder to me that we are guided by Heavenly Father. Alright. So our morning started out nice and sunny (I was with Sister Anderson--in her area) and we taught a woman named Juanita, but after that EVERYTHING FELL THROUGH. Everything. So we tried a bunch of people, then tried around them (knocking on the doors surrounding their houses), and NOTHING. But we kept our chins up and kept at it. Well, through out the day, I just felt that we needed to see this woman in the ward who is very active, Deb. I had only met her once! But I felt like we needed to see her. Finally I told Sister Anderson and she was like, "Okay! Let's try her!" So we did. She was home! I was so happy! But while we there, I just didn't see why Heavenly Father needed us to be there. I was humbled later. We left. Knocked on Deb's neighbor, no answer. So we decided to leave the complex. Well. A man (Brian) came out of his apartment and we started talking to him and we asked him if we could share our unique message with him and much to my surprise, he said that we could! We sat down with him and began. (Fun fact: Brian looks like Jack Black and also sounds a wee bit like him! Holler.)
    Our conversation started a little like, "Are you a believer yourself?"
    Brian: "Um. I am not really sure."
    We told him that our message would bless him and ensure happiness and success, ya know PMG "How to Begin Teaching."
    Later, we taught him about God for the full time we were with him and he asked us, "What is the easiest way that I can accept God in my life?"
    My thoughts: "Umm...whaaaaaat? THIS GUY IS GOLDEN."
    Our response: "Through baptism."
    Boom shot. Seriously. That was the COOLEST thing. I have met a lot of people on my mission, but NO BODY has ever asked me a question like that! I was shocked and thrilled and excited and sad that he wasn't in my area (because I want to teach him!).
    The Lord provided. Enough said.

    The funniest thing said this week: "I'm high on Jesus." -Qisha
    All anyone can say in response to that is "Amen."

    My mission is amazing. I wish that everyone could experience the happiness you feel as a missionary. I have experienced a lot of hard times, but they are the times that I have grown the most! I feel like Alma when he said to his son Helaman, "I have been supported under trials and troubles of every kind, yea, and in all manner of afflictions; yea, God has delivered me..." (Alma 36:27).

    I love you all and I know that Christ lives!
    Love, Sister Hardy

    1. Zone Conference with my babygirl, Sister Holladay, and Sister Knowlton (my trainer).

    2. Sister Mendenhall! She is amazing. Love her to pieces!

    3. Also, this is Vanessa and Iris. Vanessa is from Mexico and Iris is the cutest little thing! She speaks to us in english and then to her mom in Spanish. SO CUTE. Absolutely adore them!


    Tuesday, August 12, 2014

    Week of 4 August through 10 August 2014‏

    First, I want to start out by bringing you back to the ol' days of Denver North when I was serving in Malley. Remember Michelle? She actually got baptized a year ago yesterday!!! Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And going to the temple soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn't know when she'll be going through the temple yet, but I have permission to go :D. I am SO excited.

    Now, down to business. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE. Meaning. I love the love that I feel and have for those that I have met here in Colorado. This week, Sister Hanshaw and I have been really blessed with LOTS of tender mercies.

    We were able to teach two new people, Wendy, who is 16, and Bruce, who is a bit older :D. Wendy's family is from Liberia--seriously ALL of the Liberians are so receptive. I LOVE IT. And Wendy is very prepared to receiving the fullness of the gospel. When we invited her to be baptized the very first time we taught her, she accepted without a second thought. She is so prepared! When we came back for the second time, we asked how the reading went (we had invited her to read 3 Nephi 11 and the Restoration pamphlet) and she responded without letting me finish--and with a big smile, "I read it all." How amazing is that?! That shows commitment.
    And then for Bruce, when we met him on his door step he said, "I might even get baptized!" So we came back a few days later and then committed him to a date and he was all for it. It was so wonderful. Also he has two cats, so that's a plus :D. Bruce's sister actually got baptized down in Littleton a few months ago. He even told us that she read parts of the Book of Mormon to him over the phone and he liked it. Isn't that incredible?
    Sometimes I like to ask myself why I am so blessed to be seeing so many miracles everyday! Heavenly Father really is preparing His children to receive the message of the Restoration of the Gospel.

    Also, we are just starting doing the new member lessons with Bernard and Fanta (seperately of course). Fanta's new member lessons were originally supposed to be done by the ward, but we received word from Salt Lake recently that missionaries are to do the new member discussions--which I am all for!
    We met with Bernard and he is just so excited about being baptized and about preparing to receive the Aaronic priesthood. He is just so happy! He always has a big smile on his face whenever we see him. I just love him so much. See what I mean about how I love love! Bernard is reading in the Book of Mormon consistently still and really excited to serve in the Church.
    And last night, we were at Fanta's home after our dinner appointment and right when we were done with our lesson, Fanta tells us that her mother, Annie (WHO COOKS AMAZING FISH AND AFRICAN FOOD), prepared a meal for us. It was AMAZING. I was so stuffed! And then she fried some plantains for a sweet treat and if you know anything about plantains, they fill you up FAST. Zoe told me that she would feed her children plantains in the morning before school and they would stay full until it was time to come home. Needless to say, it was wonderful. Also, I love fish. Fish is so dang good. I am sorry that I was so neglected from the seafood community growing up :D. Jokes.(Oh and funny little snip-it, Makaya, Fanta's daughter, knows me as the sister with "the hair." Also, they asked me if I have any African ancestry. I was really sad to tell them that I don't).

    I know this gospel is true. I have seen so many people change out here on my mission. I have changed so much. I have come to understand the gospel more and understand how the spirit works in my life. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I KNOW that He loves us. As I have come to understand the Atonement more, I have come to want ALL to know about the Atonement and about the blessings that come from using it in our lives.

    Love you all!!
    Sister Hardy
    These pictures were taken while I was on exchanges with dear Sister Cannon. We took some pictures right before we were going to walking to find some people to talk to. We actually spoke with a man named Onario who mainly speaks Spanish and very broken English. It was very fun to talk to him. Let's hope something comes from it! s really sad to tell them that I don't).

    These pictures are of the food Annie made. The fish wasn't on the table yet, but I can assure you, we are being fed really well. The next picture is Dollington. He is 7 and he reminds me of Gary Coleman.

    Thursday, August 7, 2014

    Week of 28 July - 3 August 2014‏

    This week it poured here in Denver for a few days! All day everyday. It was a nice change from the heat, but I'm grateful the sun is back out for us to enjoy! That means that there are more people outside ready and waiting to hear the gospel!

    Something very exciting happened this week! We were finally able to teach this man named Mike! We have been teaching his fiance, Alicia, (I think I wrote about her a few weeks ago. She came to church with her fiance and two children a couple weeks back) for two transfers now. We taught Mike very little of the first discussion, but he told us about how he was so excited to start coming to church more often. He also said that if his family had more of God in their lives that they would be happier and that their home would be more stable. How true is that! We have been promised that if we establish our homes on principles such as faith and repentance and prayer that we will be blessed in our families. Our homes become a heaven on earth, not just living quarters. BUT Mike got choked up a little when he was talking about bringing his family together through the gospel. It was really tender and I was touched. The spirit was so strong there!

    We also were able to have dinner with a family in which four of them have recently joined the church and the mother is a returning member. The couple was able to go to the temple a week ago! and at the end of this month they will be sealed for time and all eternity! We shared a message about temples after dinner and the spirit was incredibly strong. Their home become a holy place.
    ---The best part about being a missionary is the change I see in the people I meet, both on a daily basis and long-term. I have changed so much on my mission. I have become more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have come to really feel as Paul did, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth..." (Romans 1:16). I've come to see how much I love my Savior. As we were driving to the library this morning to email, I saw a man doing some construction work in the road and one of my first thoughts was, "I want to share the gospel with him" and "He needs to know of the Atonement." I can assure you that I never would have thought that a year ago. NEVER. This work has changed me through and through. AND I LOVE IT!

    Fun fact: Sister Hanshaw and I are reading the entire Book of Mormon this transfer. We started two weeks ago and we are almost done with Mosiah! Wish us luck. I have already begun to recognize the spirit more often in my life. Blessings come to those who seek them.

    We were able to have dinner with the senior couple in our zone! The L couple!! They are amazing! I love them so much! THEY HAVE 10 CHILDREN! Holy smokes. The crazy part is that they had ten children in 17 years. That must have been so hard! Also Elder L doesn't have a college education. He told us that he had to work between 3 and 6 jobs!! He has a great deal of faith. It was such a blessing to have dinner with them not just because of the food, but because of the stories that led them to a strong conversion and conviction. They have 41 grandchildren with more coming! There youngest sons are still in their 20s! Now that is an accomplishment.
    Also, a tender mercy about having dinner with them is that they reminded me of the senior couple that taught my family nine years ago--the Hulls. I am grateful for their service everyday.

    I love you all! I love being a missionary!

    Love, Sister Hardy