Monday, August 18, 2014

Week of 11 August- 17 August 2014‏

We had a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat week!

On Tuesday, we had zone conference and it was amazing! At a missionary's last zone conference, he bears his testimony of the restored gospel and of the things he has learned on his mission. Well, I had a rude wake-up call when I realized that in the next zone conference I would be giving my departing testimony. I CRIED. I absolutely love my mission. NOTHING would prepare me for my future like my mission has. Other people can learn and prepare in other ways, but like I have said before, I have come to find myself by losing myself in this work--you know, it's one of the paradoxes of this gospel. (And don't get me wrong, I am happy to see my friends and family again and to apply everything I have learned here. I'll just be honest though: I am so scared. The time is FLYIN', and I am having a hard time keeping up with the pace!) I want every one here in Denver (well, in the world. First, Denver. Next, THE WORLD) to know that Jesus is the Christ and our personal Savior. One mortal voice does not have such power (and somehow I thought I would?).

Alas, back to reality. SO. I was Downtown on Wednesday on exchanges and we had an AMAZING experience. It was such a testimony builder to me that we are guided by Heavenly Father. Alright. So our morning started out nice and sunny (I was with Sister Anderson--in her area) and we taught a woman named Juanita, but after that EVERYTHING FELL THROUGH. Everything. So we tried a bunch of people, then tried around them (knocking on the doors surrounding their houses), and NOTHING. But we kept our chins up and kept at it. Well, through out the day, I just felt that we needed to see this woman in the ward who is very active, Deb. I had only met her once! But I felt like we needed to see her. Finally I told Sister Anderson and she was like, "Okay! Let's try her!" So we did. She was home! I was so happy! But while we there, I just didn't see why Heavenly Father needed us to be there. I was humbled later. We left. Knocked on Deb's neighbor, no answer. So we decided to leave the complex. Well. A man (Brian) came out of his apartment and we started talking to him and we asked him if we could share our unique message with him and much to my surprise, he said that we could! We sat down with him and began. (Fun fact: Brian looks like Jack Black and also sounds a wee bit like him! Holler.)
Our conversation started a little like, "Are you a believer yourself?"
Brian: "Um. I am not really sure."
We told him that our message would bless him and ensure happiness and success, ya know PMG "How to Begin Teaching."
Later, we taught him about God for the full time we were with him and he asked us, "What is the easiest way that I can accept God in my life?"
My thoughts: "Umm...whaaaaaat? THIS GUY IS GOLDEN."
Our response: "Through baptism."
Boom shot. Seriously. That was the COOLEST thing. I have met a lot of people on my mission, but NO BODY has ever asked me a question like that! I was shocked and thrilled and excited and sad that he wasn't in my area (because I want to teach him!).
The Lord provided. Enough said.

The funniest thing said this week: "I'm high on Jesus." -Qisha
All anyone can say in response to that is "Amen."

My mission is amazing. I wish that everyone could experience the happiness you feel as a missionary. I have experienced a lot of hard times, but they are the times that I have grown the most! I feel like Alma when he said to his son Helaman, "I have been supported under trials and troubles of every kind, yea, and in all manner of afflictions; yea, God has delivered me..." (Alma 36:27).

I love you all and I know that Christ lives!
Love, Sister Hardy

1. Zone Conference with my babygirl, Sister Holladay, and Sister Knowlton (my trainer).

2. Sister Mendenhall! She is amazing. Love her to pieces!

3. Also, this is Vanessa and Iris. Vanessa is from Mexico and Iris is the cutest little thing! She speaks to us in english and then to her mom in Spanish. SO CUTE. Absolutely adore them!


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