Saturday, August 30, 2014

"This is my joy"‏

Wow! What an amazing week! The Lord seriously has blessed me so much!

Because of my assignment, I am able to go to other sisters' areas and see how things are going. It is SO FUN. But also, sisters can come to my area with me (or my companion). This week we had 2 exchanges (this seems to happen at the end of the transfers--we double up). I had the chance to go on exchanges with Sister Bush and Sister Wilde. While Sister Bush and I were on exchanges, she told me that before she came out on her mission she totally read my blog! Pretty cool, eh? That was really exciting to hear that someone had read my blog! Dang. That feels like forever ago.

Something AMAZING that happened this week was that I was able to see a part of my Thornton ward family. I got to see Michelle and her girls. It was so wonderful to be with family again. I LOVED IT. I also got to see Barrie and Rob!! (Don't worry--I call them Sister ____ and Brother _____. But since this is going on the internet, I will use first names instead :)). IT WAS AWESOME. It's an incredible thing to be able to serve somewhere as a missionary and just love the people there with everything you've got. Seriously. I didn't think I was actually going to love EVERYONE I served around and got to know, but I did! And I do!
For example, last night we went tracting (something we weren't entirely thrilled about, but we did it anyway). Anyways, we knocked on eight doors and one guy answered and he was really kind, but not interested. Well, we walk around the building and we see some people outside with a couple of dogs--one of which runs to us (I LOVE DOGS--and cats, of course). His owner seems a little bit on edge since his dog ran quite a distance from him. At that time we were on the phone, so we couldn't start talking to the people yet. After a few minutes, we are off the phone and we started talking to these people: Bri, Q (short for Qvani -sp?), and Darrell. THEY WERE AMAZING PEOPLE. As we were talking to them, we asked if we could share with them a little bit about our message and they accepted (holler!). We said a prayer and begin to teach them the first lesson: the Restoration. Oh my goodness. I just felt SOOOOO much love for those people--complete strangers. As we were teaching, my eyes began to water and my heart felt full. The spirit was so strong. SO STRONG. I felt that Heavenly Father had led us there that night specifically for them. I also thought to myself that I will certainly miss being a missionary (I still have time. I keep telling myself.). Nothing spectacular came of it (ex. they didn't yell, "BAPTIZE ME!"), but they were softened. I could feel it. We will be seeing them again this weekend--hopefully. Missionary work for the win!

Updates on Wendy and Bruce.
Wendy is amazing. She really understands what we teach--which I feel that that is unusual for a 16 year old girl. She keeps her commitments to come to church and she reads and prays and she is ready for her baptism!!!! EEK.
As for Bruce. Oh man. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM. Earlier this week, we were leaving his home with some members that are teaching him with us and Bruce said, "You are my family!" It was so stinking tender. I was SO TOUCHED. He also is VERY VERY excited for his baptism.
Conversion. Change. It's the fruit of the gospel!

I've realized on my mission that it really is the small things that matter most. The sun shining. A light breeze. A glass of water. I have seen so MANY miracles on my mission. But they haven't been any earth shaking things. But these tiny miracles allow AMAZING things to happen.
Example: On Saturday, we were on exchanges. We had an appointment at 11:30 and we needed to take our lunch right after because we had something we needed to do at 1:30. Well. We didn't end up getting out of our appointment until like 1. (We should never be in an appointment longer than an hour. I admit, this is something I have struggled with since day one. But. That's no excuse). I was so flustered about our appointment, but it ended well. Anyways, we had planned on going to a pizza place for lunch--cheap, easy, and we didn't have anything great in the refrigerator. Well, we get to the pizza place and order to go. I use the bathroom and come out and Sister Wilde is talking with a woman who had ordered food and her order was wrong. My first thought is "This is a public place and we shouldn't be proselyting." My second thought was "Who cares? She is listening!" I sat down and joined the conversation and she gave us her address and phone number. Miracles happen. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she said that she would start it that night. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! I LOVE THE GOSPEL.

Well. That's my week. Christ lives!

I love you all!!!
Sister Hardy

We had dinner with the Lawsons this week!!! They serve downtown. They have such a special place in my heart
EXCHANGES! We tried to take a selfie. Sister B's face is a bit gone.

Our stake held a fair and there were snow cones! So while Sister Hanshaw and I were running the missionary booth.


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