Monday, December 15, 2014

20 October - 26 October 2014: Sable.

We have had so much fun this week! Missionary work is so much fun. A lot of missionaries forget that helping other to come unto Christ is actually fun! I love it! As President Mendenhall says, "If you aren't smilin', then you don't have the gospel!" Great words to live by.
I met a lot of amazing people this week! On Monday night, we met with Marissa (Ma-ree-suh). Turns out we came at the perfect time. She was super stressed and having family issues and she just broke down.
However, I think the greatest miracle came when we met Darshelle. She had been given a copy of the Book of Mormon a couple months ago and Sister Harker went to follow-up before I got there. Turns out Darshelle has been reading bits and pieces of the Book of Mormon since she was given it. She is in 2 Nephi right now! How amazing is that? She told us that she knows she needs to come closer to God.  We asked her why she invited us in and she told us that she needs what we have. We invited her to be baptized and to that she said, "Well, I've been baptized _____ and ______, so why not Mormon?!" We didn't have time to explain the priesthood authority, but we will be doing that this week!
We also met with this young woman, Ley-lonni. She is incredible! She is 15 and she just was baptized! She has such a strong testimony of the gospel. We invited her to read from a chapter in Alma about the Savior's Atonement. Later that night, while Sister Harker and I were preparing for bed, she texted us and told us that she had read the chapter and that she loved it! No recent convert I have every taught in the time I have been here in Colorado has done that! Holy macaroni. She is the bees knees, I'm telling you! She is going to be an amazing missionary--if she decides to serve!
We met this really cool guy this week, Adee. He is in the medical field of and very intelligent and very religious. He kind of wanted to bash with us, but it was so cool because we didn't bash! At the beginning of my mission, I totally would have wanted to bash, but I didn't have any desire to bash. We explained to him that if he wants to learn about what we believe that we will gladly share with him, but when contention comes into the picture, we will need to withdraw ourselves. Discussions are good. Arguments are bad. He was very accepting of our response. I was so happy. Also, he was a pretty cool guy--he speaks French!
This week so many other amazing things happened: we took a picture with this guy and this woman walking her dogs, we invited someone to stop smoking after knowing him for 30 seconds, and we able to see a man begin to understand why our message is so important (Dave). I'll talk more about him later.
If I had to choose one thing my mission has taught me it would be that God's love truly is real. Yesterday during sacrament meeting, we sang "Reverently and Meekly Now" (hymn 185). Some of the words read, "Think of me, thou ransomed one; think what I for thee have done. With my blood that dripped like rain, sweat in agony of pain, with my body on the tree I have ransomed even thee."
The Savior has paid the ultimate price for us. Sin is our captor and Christ has paid the ransom for us to be released.
In the last verse of the hymn it reads, "At the throne I intercede; For thee ever do I plead. I have loved thee as thy friend, with a love that cannot end."
The Savior lives and loves us so much. He pleads our cause before the Father. He makes salvation possible. His love cannot end. The Savior lives!
I love you all!
Sister Hardy

Alex and Ramona! 

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