Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week of 4 August through 10 August 2014‏

First, I want to start out by bringing you back to the ol' days of Denver North when I was serving in Malley. Remember Michelle? She actually got baptized a year ago yesterday!!! Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And going to the temple soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn't know when she'll be going through the temple yet, but I have permission to go :D. I am SO excited.

Now, down to business. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE. Meaning. I love the love that I feel and have for those that I have met here in Colorado. This week, Sister Hanshaw and I have been really blessed with LOTS of tender mercies.

We were able to teach two new people, Wendy, who is 16, and Bruce, who is a bit older :D. Wendy's family is from Liberia--seriously ALL of the Liberians are so receptive. I LOVE IT. And Wendy is very prepared to receiving the fullness of the gospel. When we invited her to be baptized the very first time we taught her, she accepted without a second thought. She is so prepared! When we came back for the second time, we asked how the reading went (we had invited her to read 3 Nephi 11 and the Restoration pamphlet) and she responded without letting me finish--and with a big smile, "I read it all." How amazing is that?! That shows commitment.
And then for Bruce, when we met him on his door step he said, "I might even get baptized!" So we came back a few days later and then committed him to a date and he was all for it. It was so wonderful. Also he has two cats, so that's a plus :D. Bruce's sister actually got baptized down in Littleton a few months ago. He even told us that she read parts of the Book of Mormon to him over the phone and he liked it. Isn't that incredible?
Sometimes I like to ask myself why I am so blessed to be seeing so many miracles everyday! Heavenly Father really is preparing His children to receive the message of the Restoration of the Gospel.

Also, we are just starting doing the new member lessons with Bernard and Fanta (seperately of course). Fanta's new member lessons were originally supposed to be done by the ward, but we received word from Salt Lake recently that missionaries are to do the new member discussions--which I am all for!
We met with Bernard and he is just so excited about being baptized and about preparing to receive the Aaronic priesthood. He is just so happy! He always has a big smile on his face whenever we see him. I just love him so much. See what I mean about how I love love! Bernard is reading in the Book of Mormon consistently still and really excited to serve in the Church.
And last night, we were at Fanta's home after our dinner appointment and right when we were done with our lesson, Fanta tells us that her mother, Annie (WHO COOKS AMAZING FISH AND AFRICAN FOOD), prepared a meal for us. It was AMAZING. I was so stuffed! And then she fried some plantains for a sweet treat and if you know anything about plantains, they fill you up FAST. Zoe told me that she would feed her children plantains in the morning before school and they would stay full until it was time to come home. Needless to say, it was wonderful. Also, I love fish. Fish is so dang good. I am sorry that I was so neglected from the seafood community growing up :D. Jokes.(Oh and funny little snip-it, Makaya, Fanta's daughter, knows me as the sister with "the hair." Also, they asked me if I have any African ancestry. I was really sad to tell them that I don't).

I know this gospel is true. I have seen so many people change out here on my mission. I have changed so much. I have come to understand the gospel more and understand how the spirit works in my life. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I KNOW that He loves us. As I have come to understand the Atonement more, I have come to want ALL to know about the Atonement and about the blessings that come from using it in our lives.

Love you all!!
Sister Hardy
These pictures were taken while I was on exchanges with dear Sister Cannon. We took some pictures right before we were going to walking to find some people to talk to. We actually spoke with a man named Onario who mainly speaks Spanish and very broken English. It was very fun to talk to him. Let's hope something comes from it! s really sad to tell them that I don't).

These pictures are of the food Annie made. The fish wasn't on the table yet, but I can assure you, we are being fed really well. The next picture is Dollington. He is 7 and he reminds me of Gary Coleman.

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