Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week of 23 March-30

We had absolutely beautiful weather this week and it was so nice! I loved it! It made finding people really enjoyable!
On Monday, I met this family that the missionaries have been teaching for quite some time. There are four children: Senya, hope, Zach, and Elijah. Their mother is Liz and she is a convert to the church. The lesson was really powerful not because of anything we said, but because at the end of the lesson, Liz bore her testimony of the Savior and of the truthfulness of the Gospel! Isn't that incredible?! How amazing is she? Afterwards, Sister Reynolds told me that she NEVER has participated more in a discussion than she did then! (They even came to church on SUNDAY! and Senya shared her testimony during sacrament! #win).
Tuesday came and was really amazing. We've been teaching this woman and she lost her daughter last year. Her daughter, McKenzie, was driving and was in an accident. The car that hit her was driven by a drowsy driver. She was killed on impact. The story made me incredibly grateful for the gospel in my life. We spoke to her father for over about an hour. He wasn't entirely sure about living with her again. We promised him that he was see her after this life. I was terribly sad for him. Imagine losing your 16 year old daughter suddenly! I think the best message that we have to share is that through Jesus Christ, we will be reunited with our loved ones again and we can live with our Heavenly Father again!!
I don't have much time, so quickly. On Saturday, we had a miracle happen. We were tracting and NOTHING was happening. We knocked on a door and there wasn't an answer, so we left a couple seconds later, a woman answered the door, Fadoua. We began talking to her and learned se is from Morocco. She was raised in the Islam religion, but she has been looking into Christianity for some time now and she wants to talk with us! We are meeting with her tomorrow!!!
I love this gospel. It's true!!
Sister Hardy
A picture of my breakfast for the past week. Green shakes: Kale, carrots, greek yogurt, orange juice, and spinach. Once you get past the grassy taste, they are actually quite good!
Also, after we did some service for a food bank, we were given flowers by this elderly man. Most of them were dead, but it's the thought that counts!


We did some service for a wedding and made the boutonnieres (SP?). I am not a professional flower arranger.