Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week 32: Mission meeting, bible-bashers, and MALLEY‏

Hello there!

This week was full of...interesting moments.

1. Sister Marshall and I got a perfect score on our car inspection! And we got to sign our names in this pretty sweet mission book for those skilled in the art of car cleaning.

2. We had TWO encounters with Bible bashers this week. One encounter was pretty intense and I was a bit scared, and I didn't bash back! Our ward mission leader was pretty happy when he heard that I didn't bash. I'll admit bashing is so tempting! But, I know we shouldn't, so I have a new resolve.

3. We had two mission meetings this week with President Toombs and it was awesome! At the first meeting, it was a zone conference and we practiced teaching the simple doctrine that "God is is our loving Heavenly Father." It was pretty incredible.
At the meeting there was a woman who had recently joined the church, Amy. She and her husband (Harold) were moving and she had packed up all their stuff and fit it into their car, and EVERYTHING WAS STOLEN. So, they tried contacting a whole bunch of different churches in the Denver area, and no one would help them. Well, they showed up to our church and President Toombs just happened to be there. Harold related the entire story to him and they started the discussions an hour later and were baptized in November! CRAZY! President Toombs even baptized them! How amazing is that?!

4. I had SUSHI FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS WEEK and I am absolutely in LOVE with it! Seriously. I have been missing out!

5. Sister Marshall and I went on exchanges, and guess where I went?! Oh, yes. MALLEY. My birthplace! It was incredible to see those I taught while I was there! I didn't get to see Michelle, but I saw her father, Mike! He got baptized last month and he talked about all of his missionary experiences! How incredible is that! He has been talking to his friends about the Book of Mormon and about the church and he is on fire! Spiritually on fire!
While on exchanges, I also got to see one of my favorite families--Shannon, Brandon, and Ethan! I didn't get to see James, which was disappointing, but it was so good to see the family again! Shannon was one of the first people I met while I was in Malley. Remember the chicken picture? and the bird pictures? That is at her house! Love them!
I also got to see Monique! (We found Monique in an apartment complex when she was moving out. Remember her?) Well, now she is expecting now! She has three boys and hopefully a girl on the way! Just kidding. She already has three boys and her husband, what's another one?!
Sister Moore (my temporary companion for the day I was in Malley) and I also saw Joe and Jessi! Remember them? Joe was my first heartbreak. He dropped us! But it was so good to see him again. I miss seeing them often.

It was good to go to Malley for a day, but I am happy to be back in Thornton! We have a lot of work to do here and we better hop to it!

I love you all, so much! Remember that Jesus loves you!

Sister Hardy
We went to this pizza place this week! (pronounced "Forget about it" in a NYC accent) The pizza was really good, too! There are only two things that would make Colorado even better: Wegmans and better pizza. 
WE GOT A HUGE BOX OF CHOCOLATES FROM A POTENTIAL. BAD. BAD. BAD! I think the worst part about it was that the first thing we did when we got home was open them :)
I am famous! This picture is while we were doing service at one of the best places! Park Regency! It's one of the assisted living centers. Jennifer, the head of activities, put this up on one of the walls so that the residents will know who we are when we come in! Pretty cool.

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