Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 29: Sixty degree weather and snow flurries‏

We had a pretty good time this past week. We had a lot of fun. On Monday we went to a few different consignment shops and one of them is ARC (the best thrift store in Denver). It's HUGE and although they don't have a lot of good stuff, you can find some really nice stuff there.
Later that day we met with a less active who still has a lot of bent up feelings about the church, but she is so kind and she loves when we come over. She enjoys the company, she tells us. She also likes the help missionaries have offered in the past.
After we emailed on Tuesday last week, we had an appointment with Miranda and Ben. And GUESS WHAT? They ordered pizza for us! Isn't that so sweet? They are such kind people. We really just tried to get to know them and what they believe. We didn't have time to start the first discussion, but we are planning on doing that tomorrow.
We did some service for the same assisted living centers we did last week. At one of them we made cute little football men to decorate the activity room for the Super Bowl. This one woman, Rhoda, walked around with us to get all the residents who were home to come down and do crafts with us. She was hilarious! We also met another woman, Faye, who would constantly say, "I just love yous girls." or "You girls are so pretty." Isn't that sweet? She was really worried that we wouldn't come back, but we reassured her that we'd be back.
We did some service for a family in the ward--helping them paint the walls, and it was so much fun. This coming week we have a time set up to help another family paint the walls in their newly finished basement. AND I AM SO EXCITED.
On Wednesday, it was Sister Marshall's birthday! Twenty three years young! Pros to your companion having a birthday: COOKIES galore! Cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Humongous cupcakes! Cheesecake! And TWO birthday cakes. Oh and we went out for lunch. Yes. I think I ate my weight in sweets this week.
Thursday and Friday, we tried contacting a lot of people that we hadn't met and we found that half of them had moved. While we were trying to find one man in this townhome development, we knocked on a few doors and only one person answered. We didn't have the best experience with him, but that experience really made me aware of Satan's influence in this world. I see it everyday, but not like that. I just hope that regardless of the differences we have, we will show kindness to those that we meet who believe differently.
Friday night, we went to a home looking for a young man named Julian, and found his grandparents who haven't been to church in a while and his two younger brothers who haven't been baptized. Anyways, we had been there for about 15 minutes before we found out that the elders have been teaching them! AND they came to church! It was awesome! Julian's grandmother, Sister M. told us that we should come visit soon. Her two youngest grandchildren are so intelligent and they love when the missionaries come over. How sweet!
On Saturday, we had a breakfast with all the missionaries in the stake as well as with our stake president, President Hellbusch. It was so good and afterwards two other sets of sisters came to our house to study. It was really fun and spiritual of course.
Later in the day, we were outside, meeting with Glenn, and we saw that a few houses down there were some new people moving in. Well! The entire time I kept thinking, we need to go help them! We need to help them! Would it be rude to end the lesson right now? But, instead, I was rational, and we waited until the end of the lesson to go over there. We met Bobby and Lasarha and they were so appreciative! They asked us to come by later to help. I felt SO good after that. I am excited to see them this week!
Well, that's all for now. I want you all to know that I love you and I pray for you constantly!

Sister Hardy

This picture was taken right after we made our last appointment on Superbowl Sunday! Oh yeah! We will not be tracting then! Heck yes.

Look at that cake! Mmm. Sister Langlois (from California) made it, and added sparklers!

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