Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week Twelve: I AM A MOM‏

When I say "I AM A MOM," that means I am training a new missionary! Crazy, right?! I am so excited! And I am being transferred to Thornton ward--a ward that closed last transfer (for the past six weeks). So both my new missionary and I are unfamiliar with the area and will be thrown into the pool of Thornton. Yes, I'm a little apprehensive, but I know that's where the Lord needs me right now.
So my baby girl is Sister Holladay! She is from Portland. She graduated from BYU in December with her B.A. in communication disorders! Yeah. So she is pretty smart and I am pretty clueless.

So my last week in Malley was bitter sweet. I was sure that Sister Knowlton was going to be transferred, so when I found out I was being transferred it was a shocker. However, I started my last week in Malley with a marriage proposal. His name is Barrett and it was adorable. He has Down Syndrome and it was so cute! He gave me a note that had his proposal.

On another note, we met with this woman named Katrina, who left the church after her daughter (who was six years old when she hanged herself). It was horrible to hear her speak about her daughter and especially the sadness that she has experienced. She feels that God doesn't hear her or that He is listening. We also met with a woman, Vera, whose daughter was killed in her home 5 years ago. Such horrible tragedies have happened here! However, it was wonderful to tell them (Katrina and Vera) that God knows how they feel and what they went through. Because of Jesus Christ's Atonement, He knows everything that we have gone through and will go through! We truly have a loving Savior and friend who walks with us.

A miracle happened this week! We went to dinner with some members from the Singles Ward. We went to this awesome place called Qdoba (it's like Cafe Rio and Chipotle mixed). Anyways, I had my scriptures on the table and this man walks up to us and says, "Are you having a Bible study?" We gave him our phone number and he called us! It was so cool! He told us about how he prayed and asked God to help him go to college for free and it happened! Wowza! He also asked us about how to handle his situation with his math teacher. It was adorable! I think he thinks that we are priests (priestesses?). Anyways, he wanted us to give him counsel, so that was a bit awkward, but he was so sincere!
Some comical moments that Sister Knowlton and I experienced this week involved an older man in our ward, Brother Brink. Sister K asked them what they liked to do and Sister Brink said that she liked to read books and some other cute grandma things to do. Well, it was a mistake to ask Brother Brink what he liked to do. He said, " I like to go to the dumps and pour gasoline all over the piles and light it on fire and watch the rats come out and hit 'em with a baseball bat." (Brother Brink is in his 80s).

I want you all to know that I love this Gospel. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I know that He lives. I know that it is through following Him that we can find true happiness and peace!

Know that you are loved!

Sister Hardy

p.s. sorry my last two entries have been short. I will write more next week!


We had a barbecue for our last preparation day for the transfer!

This next picture is of Sister Knowlton and me with Elijah--the cutest little boy! He's the one that talks like a surfer.

The third picture is of Brooke and her grandmother. Brooke is 10 and we have been teaching her for the past three months. Her other grandparents that she lives with won't let her get baptized

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