Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 11: "Oh, no! Don't turn into unicorns!"

This week was filled with a great deal of humor and spiritual moments.

On Monday, Sister Knowlton and I went to a family's home in the ward. Before we had gotten there, Addie (their 3 year-old) had fallen into the sharp corner of the side table in their family room. She was crying because it hurt and because she was afraid she was going to turn into a unicorn because she started to bruise right between her eyes. Well, it was getting late and we needed to head home and so I said, "We better get going or we're going to turn into pumpkins." Then when we left, Addie's mother said, "If the Sisters don't go home now, they are going to turn into unicorns!" Addie got a scared look on her face and said, "Oh no! Don't turn into unicorns!" It was so cute! (After we shared a message, they gave us dessert and while we were eating, Sister Knowlton and I were talking about how weird and awkward we will be when we get home from our missions. Well, I then said, "I was already weird when I left on my mission!" And without skipping a beat, Addie said, "Yep!" It's sad when a three year old thinks you're weird.

Sister Knowlton and I had the chance to go to the temple on Wednesday and it was great! It was wonderful to see all the missionaries together inside and outside of the temple. The temple is truly the House of the Lord. How amazing will it be after this life when we can all live with our families together because of the temple!
We met with this family later in the day on Wednesday and the mother (Ashley) is the only member of the church. Well, as we taught them (Ashley and Matthew, and their children: Maddie, Nate, and Savannah), it was wonderful to see Jesus Christ bringing the family together--especially when they don't ever talk about Him or our Heavenly Father. This gospel brings families together. Later, we met with just Matthew and he was really receptive to our message. He really does want peace in his life. Sister Knowlton and I are praying that he will continue meeting with us.

Highlights of this week (both good and bad)
1) Sister Knowlton and I jumped a creek while doing service. I safely got to the other side and Sister Knowlton didn't. She fell in the mud and it was hilarious.
2) Sister Knowlton had a horrible cold. I ended up just giving her a bunch of medication (mostly vitamins--when I would give her something and say,"Take this" she'd respond by saying, "What did I just take?" Talk about companion trust!) and we are both healthy! Sister Knowlton is recovering--still a little sniffly, but she is much better!
3) When I asked Sister Knowlton if she needed any medicine before we went to bed one night she responded with, "I'm like an Indian in the woods...the spirits of nature heal me." I think fatigue and sickness messed with her mind.

So who are those two people who are getting baptized?? Monique!!!! and Gavino!!! (We finally got a hold of Gavino again and he is getting baptized on October 12th! woot!) With Monique, we still need to set her with a date, but she is solid. When we met with her this week, she just cried. I felt the Spirit so strongly confirm to me that what we were teaching was true. We have an appointment with her tonight and I am so excited to see how things go with her! She truly has been prepared by the Lord!

This week we also met with Maddie and Cassie (their mother and father are less active and really not interested in coming back to church). Maddie and Cassie read from the Book of Mormon and they had a hard time understanding it. In response to this, their mother said, "Reading the Book of Mormon stinks." It broke my heart to hear her say that! Sister Knowlton and I were speechless. Anyone who reads from the Book of Mormon knows that it will bring him/her closer to Jesus Christ!

Something wonderful that happened this week was that I was able to receive a blessing from the Elders in my Zone. How wonderful is it that we have the Priesthood authority? We have that ability to receive blessings from righteous men who honor their Priesthood. I truly have a testimony of the Priesthood and I am so thankful for it.

We also had the chance to sing at one of the ward's here in the Denver North Stake. We missionaries sang the EFY medley and I felt the spirit so strongly as we sang together, "We will be the Lord's missionaries to bring the world His truth." I know that sharing this gospel will bring us so much happiness because the Lord loves us! I know that He wants what is best for us and wants all of His children back with Him. This Gospel that I am teaching people about is the way that we can get back to Him. It truly is the way to never ending happiness and peace.

I love you all! I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that He lives! I know that He suffered for us so that we might live! I love this gospel.

Sister Hardy
The first picture is of Karlene. She feeds us a lot and always lets us use her bathroom. (Being a missionary isn't tough because you are out all day talking to people about Jesus. It's tough because you can't always find a bathroom.)

Sister Knowlton and I took some pictures because this week is most likely our last week together!

The third  picture is of our pancake breakfast! Sister Knowlton's best friend sent her pancake mix and I made the pancakes!
The last picture is of my darling trainer, Sister Knowlton. She took my camera and had a "selfie" photo shoot.




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  1. My little unicorn and I will miss you Sister Hardy! We have truly enjoyed having you in our ward and it will not be the same with out you! I facebook friended you today so someday when you get to reconnect with the world you will be able to find all your Malley Ward friends again. Take care and good luck on the rest of your adventures!
    Shannon Black