Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 16: Candy, desserts, and other delicious things I can't avoid‏

This week was uphill climb. However, we had so much food to keep me happy it's not even funny. It doesn't help that when we went grocery shopping last week, Sister Holladay and I were starving so we ended up buying cake mix, frosting, hot chocolate, and thin mint (yes, like the girl scout cookies!) creamer!!! Holla.
Going along with the food theme, we had two dinners one night this week and that was agonizing. The second appointment was with a less active family and the father said to us, "I'm not letting my food get cold and I'm not going to eat in front of you, so you'll have to eat something." Luckily, we had fasted that day so we could stuff our faces a wee bit more than we normally could. However, the excessive amount of food helps when we have some rough moments. For example, Jeremiah and Melissa (see Week 14: Zero to Hero) dropped us this week and that hurt. Really hurt. We felt like we would see them enter the waters of baptism and I guess it just isn't their time yet. Also, Raul who was scheduled to get baptized this Saturday is ignoring us/avoiding us. So those things were HUGE bummers.

But now for the miracles!
Our first week here we were trying to visit a less active woman, but she wasn't home when we stopped by, but there was this man outside bringing groceries into his house--Randy. Well, we prayed with him and it was awesome. He gave us his number and it was great. Earlier this week, we felt like we should go check up on him and see how he's doing. Well, we knocked on his door and he invited us in! We helped him with his dishes and taught him the first lesson! It was awesome! He was so kind to us and he told us that we could stop by anytime! Oh yeah!
We also had this impression to go visit this family in our ward but I pushed it aside, thinking, "I don't want to bother them." However, the prompting came again and so we went to their home. They were home and invited us in--like always. While we were there, their daughter, Cassidy, found out that a good friend of hers died. Later, her mother told us that if we hadn't have visited things would have been much worse. We learned our lesson: always follow the promptings from the Spirit.
Then we went by a less active member's house, Richard, and we were welcomed into his home. His wife, Lisa, who isn't a member gave us water and offered to feed us this coming week and it was wonderful! They were both so wonderful to us and kind and so we are looking forward to meeting them--oh and they also take care of their two grandsons, kind of like you, Mom and Dad--well and don't forget Zoey.

On an entirely different note, some really funny things happened this week. For example, Elder Mahina, an elder from Tonga, was talking to my companion while we were at a service project and said, "Sister Holladay, you are a hard worker...and your companion, she is a hard-talker." Apparently, I talk a lot. Who knew?
Also, we visited a woman, who has fake teeth that clip on to her real ones...which are stubs, anyways, one of her teeth kept popping out when she talked. She went down the hall to put the dog in her kennel and we hear, "My tooth!! My tooth! I lost my tooth!!" So Sister Holladay found her tooth while I was trying hard not to die laughing.
And Sister Holladay and I were driving and we made it to the end of the world...well, the end of the populated world here in Thornton.

I want you all to know that I love you and I know that serving the Lord as a missionary is the best thing anyone can do! I love this gospel and I know it has been restored in these last days! Christ lives. We can all receive forgiveness from our sins because of His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, as well as His suffering and death on the cross. It's through Jesus Christ that we can live with God again!

I love you!
Sister Hardy



The first picture needs no explanation. The second picture is when Sister Holladay and I reached the end of the world! Both pictures are of me in the darling new scarf Mom sent me. The third picture is of Jackson--our dog. He stinks, but we love him. He runs around the backyard all the time like a lapdog! It's hilarious! But, when he gets tired he'll lay down by us when we study in the morning.

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