Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 15: Spider Wars: Return of the Arachnid‏

A few nights ago, Sister Holladay and I returned home to a gigantic spider on the garage. It was huge! It was too high for me to reach to kill it with my shoe, so I picked up some rocks and began throwing them at it. Well, I missed...badly. When I played softball, I was so good that I sat the bench the whole season. Remember that, Mom and Dad? Anyways, to make a short story long, I couldn't kill it. Well, when we prayed at night together, we prayed that the spider wouldn't come into the house. That spider may have not come in the house, but it's WIFEY must have. I got out of the shower the next morning and came down to see Sister Holladay sitting on the stairs to the basement. She looked at me and said, "Bad news....the spider must have gotten in last night." Well, obviously it wasn't the spider, it was his wife. I think God was trying to remind us that spiders are His creations, too. Anywho, Sister Kumar--still in her pajamas--came down and killed the huge thing (which was right next to my bed!!). Needless to say, I moved my mattress.

We met with this less active woman, Amy, this week who told us that she wanted to come into listening to the discussions with an open mind--she told us that she wanted to hear the lessons with adult ears, which made me so happy! We taught the first discussion and the spirit was there. It was wonderful! I was so excited for her! However, she has some views that are different than ours and later texted us and dropped us. Yes, we got dropped again.
The wonderful thing I love about this gospel is that we have the chance to learn about what God's ways are. We can pray and ask Him what is His will. People don't have to take what we say and follow blindly--they can pray and ask God. Everything stems on if the Book of Mormon is true or if it's not. If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet and if he was a prophet then Jesus Christ's church has been restored and we have it today! What I am trying to get at is that if Amy has concerns she can read and pray about the Book of Mormon and God will answer her. Simple as that.

This week we sang at the nursing homes once again and Miss Lillian was quite funny. At one point while we were singing, she lifted up her arms (as if she were raising the roof). She also went up to our District leader, Elder Burton, and shook his hand and said, "Your hands are cold! Your hands are cold, but you have a warm heart! Yes, you have a warm heart! You're with Jesus!" It was adorable and hilarious.

Then we went to ARC (the thrift store) to volunteer so that we could get enough hours of service in this week. Well, I was walking with a broom in my hand, and this one little boy sees me and says, "Dad! It's a sister missionary!" Be still my soul! It was adorable! Our ward mission leader's girls (Ashlyn, Audrey, Lillian, and Elise) love us, too! And it makes my day so much brighter seeing how excited people get when they see us!

We also had a district blitz this week--where the entire district (3 companionships + zone leaders) went and tracted out an area in our ward. It was great! We didn't talk to many people, but it's good practice. Tracting these days just isn't the best way to use our time. It's better spent through the members!

We met Chris this week--a return missionary who went astray. It was so sad to see how hard life has been to him. He said that he loved his mission and that he wouldn't take back going for anything. But, he was so sad. We asked him why he left the church and he said it has to deal with faith--not faith in the Book of Mormon or that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but he doesn't have faith in God. He doesn't believe God is there. He also told us that he just has no desire to know if God is there. My heart breaks thinking of him. Things will be harder for him to overcome without that faith that there is more after this life.

I love this gospel so much and I know that coming unto the Savior is the only way that we can find true happiness! I love you all! I miss you, but I know that the Lord needs me here to help those who are searching! This gospel is true.

Yesterday, I was able to see a woman that I taught in Malley ward enter the waters of baptism. It filled my heart with so much happiness seeing the joy that was on her face as she came out of the water clean and pure. The picture is of Sister Knowlton, Lori, and me before she was baptized! The gospel changes lives forever.

Sister Hardy

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sister Hardy, it is very uplifting. I have been wrapped up in life's problems and forgot about your blog. Know that Kayla and all of you wonderful Missionaries are always on our minds and in our prayers.