Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 17: Miracles and Malley‏

This week was great--much better than last week. However, this week was filled with its own challenges. For example, Sister Holladay had a stomach bug, then I thought I had it---hypochondria kills---and Raul dropped us. Yes, Raul--the same Raul who was scheduled to get baptized on Saturday dropped us on Monday. It was sad. He still has somethings he needs to work out and we are still planning on checking up on him to see how he is doing every now and then.

Back to happier things. On Tuesday, we had interviews with President Toombs (our mission president) and he expressed his gratitude for the work we've been doing--which meant A LOT to me, especially after not having the best week last week.
Tuesday morning was just wonderful because of our interviews and then we went to the Thornton recreation center to do service and it was great. We work with a man named Lynn (who is this cute old guy) and a woman, Nancy, and they are amazing people. Lynn is a complainer, but he does it to be funny. They work right along side us in the dirt, which makes it fun. It was pretty chilly, but Lynn let me wear his coat so I didn't freeze. Everyone thinks that because I am from NY, I don't get cold--which is not true! Lynn and Nancy went and bought hot chocolate for the six of us missionaries. How sweet is that!
It was after service that Sister Holladay got sick, but now she is in tip-top shape.

Wednesday night, we stopped by Maryanne's to drop off food that members had given us to bring over. Maryanne's brother-in-law passed away last week, so the funeral was on Halloween. So many of our ward members dropped off meals to them. Jesse--her husband--has been really standoffish towards the church, but now his heart has been softened tremendously! It's incredible! It is tremendous to see the ward come together to fellowship Maryanne and her family. She tried to come to church on Sunday, but she got lost! Sad day I tell ya! But on a good note, Betty (her mother) received a General Conference edition of the Ensign and read the ENTIRE THING. WOWZA.

On Halloween, we met with Linda--I can't remember if I've talked about Linda before. Linda is an older woman who is moving out of her house, slowly, but surely. We went to her house to help clean and another time to rake leaves. On Thursday, we finally got to share a message with her about the Atonement--which we've mentioned in times past, too. We will have to go quite slow with her because she likes to talk--like most women I know :-).
We also had to be in right after dinner that night, and President let us all watch 17 Miracles! Did I cry? Yes. A lot? Yes, yes I did. That movie is so much better on a mission, let me tell you!

On Saturday, Sister Holladay and I went on exchanges and it was amazing! I went back to Malley! We met with Michelle (I taught her and she got baptized while I was in Malley). That was wonderful to meet with her again! She told us that her brother, Joseph (who joined the church a year ago), went through the temple and was sealed to his wife last month! Isn't that incredible? I cannot wait for the day when Sister Knowlton and I can go through the temple in a year with Michelle!
I also found out that Gavino (remember him from my second week out?) is getting baptized this Friday! I am soo excited!!!
Monique (the woman we helped move in August) is getting baptized on the 16th of November! I am so excited for Gavino and Monique and for their decisions to follow the Savior!! I know it will change their lives for eternity, like it has mine.

Yesterday, we met with Randy and he forgot that it was Daylight Savings, so he thought we were an hour late! Poor guy! We sat and we read from the Introduction to the Book of Mormon. We asked him if he would be baptized and he said, "You know, I probably will. But it's going to take me a little bit." WOW. My heart soared when I heard him say that. His son, Dorian, also joined us, so that was really exciting!

I want you all to know that I love you so much and Jesus Christ loves you much more than you could ever imagine. Remember Him in all that you do and He will help you.

Sister Hardy

1. The sky here is absolutely beautiful! I am going to miss it after winter gets here!
2. We found this metal rod in the middle of the road, so of course we pulled over and picked it up! Now we can say, "hold to the rod!"
3. When we stopped by Maryanne's house this week, she let us hold her puppies!!! They are soooo cute! This puppy has eyebrows!!


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