Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week Eight: The Adventures of Rubber Duckie and Jnugget‏

For some reason, I picked up the name "Nugget" from Sister Knowlton and she insists on calling me that. In retaliation, I in turn call her "Rubber Duckie"--which is a much cooler nickname than I have (I put the J before nugget to make it sound more gangster...yeah. Didn't work).

Every week in the mission is amazing. I always want to start off my entries by saying, "This week was the best week EVER!" But, alas, it wouldn't be the best week is every week was the best week. However, this past week we sang at a wedding! And I played the piano....which was a mistake. The wedding was really last minute--last minute as in the couple played to get married on Monday and got married Monday night. No joke. How sweet is that?! The couple that got married aren't actually members of the Church, but it was adorable to see them get married (they are an older couple in their sixties or seventies).

On another note, here are some funny things that happened this week:
1. We went over to a less active's home on Tuesday--and she has been trying to quit smoking and she has committed and re-committed a lot. She even gave us her lighter before Tuesday and told us that she was quitting. Well when we knocked on the door, she yelled, "Come in!" Sister Knowlton and I went in and she was sitting on her couch smoking a cigarette. We could see the look of panic in her eyes.

2. On Thursday, I was in Aurora on exchanges and I was a minority. IT WAS GREAT. I was again with Sister Mailau (the Tongan Sister Training leader). We went over to this one Tongan family's house and they have a little boy named Monson (yes, like President Monson), who is a little over a year old. Monson was running around and every time I would look at him, he'd smile really big. It was so adorable! Well, in response to his smiles, his father said, "He really likes the Palongi girls." Sister Mailau laughed and I was thinking, "The what girls?" Turns out "Palongi" means white, so in essence he was saying, "He really likes white girls." It was hilarious!
(Before this Sister Mailau expressed her desire to learn how to hot-wire a car. And my little white girl self was shocked and then I remembered that we were in Aurora).

3. We have an Asian sister (Sister Lee) from Korea in our district and she says some funny things. Because it's football season, everyone is hyped up about the Broncos and it's crazy. Anyways, Sister Lee said, "Football is really important to the mens. Especially when it's a Bronco." Oh I love her.

Another funny thing was when I apologized to Sister Knowlton for backseat driving.
Me: "I'm sorry that I backseat drive!"
Sister Knowlton: "You backseat everything..."
It was comical because it's so true. I do backseat everything...

I have so much fun out here! We are constantly being uplifted by the influence we feel from God. We are so blessed and we have been able to see so many miracles. I love this work.

On Saturday morning, we had a breakfast with our stake president and that was intense. Well, President Johnson informed us that 80% of our lessons are to be with active members present. Yeah....want to know how many lessons we had with active members this past week 4, out of the 23 lessons we taught. It's hard! But we can do it. (Advice: go out and teach with the missionaries! They will love you!)

Our zone of missionaries also sang again at the nursing homes, like we always do. There is this woman, Lillian, who raises her arms up in the air praising Jesus when we sing and it is adorable. We we went to thank her for coming to listen she held on really tightly to my hand and exclaimed, "Jesus is here!" and she pulled me really close, and said, "I see him!" One of the assistants to President Toombs (our mission president) said something like, "Of course she sees Jesus! We [missionaries] are all representatives of Jesus Christ." Good point, Elder Gwilliam.

Sister Knowlton and I also went tracting this past week and offered prayers on people's homes. Well, we now have two new investigators and a potential. Hopefully we can find those whom the Lord has prepared. We met this woman Veronica, and she is a single mother with two children and she has PUPPIES! Her puppies are cute little pit bulls and there are so sweet, as was she! When we finished the prayer, she thanked us and told us that she was happy that we stopped by and offered a prayer on her home. She totally felt it. She felt the Spirit. SO EXCITED TO TEACH HER THIS WEEK!

We also were late to an appointment and the family didn't answer the door, so that was unfortunate. BUT. We got the chance to meet the family's neighbors! They were moving out and the mother was so distraught. At first, they wouldn't except help, but we were persistent and continued to offer help, and finally they let us. It was awesome. Maybe soon we will have four new investigators! (I really hope it be a part of a family baptism while I am out here. If not while I'm on my mission, perhaps when I come home).
We had SO many happy moments this week, but we did have a couple discouraging moments. Donna, the woman who prayed about the Book of Mormon and found out that it was true, dropped us. So that was stinky. BUT. We are going to find those who have been prepared.

The woman we live with sent me a letter because Sister Knowlton gets like ten letters a week and I didn't get any. So that was nice--cough cough, MOM and DAD, cough cough.

I love you all and pray for you! Jesus loves you, too!

Sister Hardy

The first picture is some new born kittens that we got to play with yesterday! One of them squeezes himself through the cage's wall because he is still so little.

The car belongs to a member in my ward and it is AWESOME! He is pretty cool and so is his wife. They give us ice cream and candy and peanut butter m&ms. We love them!

The third is of me and some really squinty eyes and one of the pit bull puppies! They were so adorable!!


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