Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week Seven ~ Three Times in White

Sometimes Sister Knowlton and I have such a good time that we ask each other, "Is it okay for missionaries to have this much fun?" The answer, of course, is yes. Anyways, this week (like most) was a blast.

On Monday, Sister Knowlton and I went to one of the thrift stores in town called Mile High, and it's pretty classy for a consignment shop. Anyways, there were A LOT of cute skirts and dresses, so we were pretty pumped to try them on. Well. They didn't have a fitting room, so Sister Knowlton and I had to try the clothes on over our skirts. That was interesting, so were the looks that we received from the other Mile High shoppers.

We also started the Ward's 40 Day Fast last week. Every night a family from the ward starts a fast for missionary opportunities--no one is fasting for forty days, only Jesus did that and He was perfect. We've met with several families and helped them begin their fasts and this one family fasted from things other than water and food. The son, Gabriel, was trying to think of something to fast from and he about had a conniption when we mentioned that he could give up his video games for 24 hours. Oh, boys and their toys. Except, I'm pretty sure if I were home right now, I'd be playing either Zelda with Sarah Nichols or trying to beat Kingdom Hearts before Maxwell had the chance to save over my game.

Sister Knowlton and I also restarted Personal Progress (a program for young women between ages 12 and 18). Woot! We are competing against a young woman in the ward and let's just say that Sister Knowlton and I are completing the experiences like nobody's business. Personal Progress helped me SOOO much growing up and has helped me so much now as a missionary. Confession: I never actually finished Personal Progress and I regret it everyday! I have the chance now, but it's not the same.

WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK! Although we had to wake up at 4:30AM to be there by 6, it was worth it. The Denver temple is a bit bigger than the Palmyra temple, but the Palmyra temple holds a special place in my heart.

Not only did we go to the temple, but WE FINALLY SAW GAVINO!!! Yessssssssss. Sister Knowlton and I have been praying so hard for him and we just want the best for him. We were happy to know that he didn't move back to Mexico. I got so excited that I went in to hug him and backed away and still got a hug. (Seriously, I have been hugged so much in the last few weeks. Every time a man hugs me, I get freaked out. It'll be interesting to see what I'm like when I get home from my mission). Sister Knowlton and I are soooooo happy that we finally got in contact with him and not only that BUT while he was in Mexico, he kept the Word of Wisdom!! (The Word of Wisdom is revelation given to Joseph Smith from God telling us to abstain from alcohol, tea, coffee, tobacco, and other harmful drugs). YEAH!

We also saw this less active family (the two youngest children aren't members), who are very much against the church because they have been offended--The first time we met with them I told them that the Book of Mormon has helped me so much and how it's made me happier, the mother responded to that by saying, "The Book of Mormon hasn't made me happy." So we have been very careful about what we say around them. BUT. The last time we met with them, we invited them to pray every morning and every night AND the mother had her youngest children make prayer rocks! Sweet, right?! I about died! I was so shocked! The girls ran to their rooms and showed us their cute prayer rocks! It was AWESOME. I feel so much love for them. I want them to feel the happiness that this gospel brings. The mother is really such a wonderful mother, too, and I love her so much.

We taught Rica, short for Ricardo, (I can't remember if I've told mentioned him before) twice this week and he is so funny. He basically told us that we can come over and teach him, but he's not going to join the church. His girlfriend is less active and has two children (Deven and Shaeleigh) from her previous marriage. She has a strong testimony and the kids want so badly to come to church, but I don't think she is ready--or at least she doesn't think she is ready. Anyways, we were talking about baptism and how we are baptized by immersion (going completely under the water). His response was comical, "Immersion? Sounds like some sort of ethnic group. Baptism by immersion? Baptism by an Asian?" It was hilarious! He also commented on our pale skin and told us that we need to get some sun. Oh, Rica. He kills me! He also calls us chicks--like all the time. When he said the prayer the last time we met with him, he started by saying, "Dear Heavenly Father, I'm thankful for these chicks"--us--"and that they could come here and do their little....mission."

Sister Knowlton and I also had the chance to watch the ground breaking for the Fort Collins temple! Woot! One of the speakers talked about how when her youngest sister was sealed in the temple, her mother gathered the children (all of whom were married in the temple) together in the Celestial Room with their spouses. She said to them that that was the moment she had lived for--to see all of her children married in the temple. That is what I hope and pray for.

We sang again at the nursing homes in the area and there were these two women who told me that when we come and sing we bring them happiness and that the atmosphere is so different from every other day of the week! They said that we bring a different spirit into their day. They also expressed their desires to have Sunday services where they live. I think we have some missionaries who can help them with that.

Yesterday, we had SEVEN PEOPLE WE TEACH AT CHURCH! Oh yeah! Four are investigating the church and three are less actives! That was amazing! I was so thankful that they were there! I am so thankful for that.

SO. I've decided that my weekly entries will be titled. This week it is titled "Three times in white." I hope to see those I teach three times in white--the first at the waters of baptism, the second at the temple, and the third time in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

I love you all so much and I pray for you often! The Lord loves you and wants you to be happy! All you need to do is come unto Him!

Sister Hardy

This is a picture of the land where Sister Knowlton and I run/walk in the morning. Gorgeous, right?! There is a really pretty path that goes for a ways. Love it!


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