Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week six~ late entry

Today starts a new transfer! You know what that means?! In six weeks, I will no longer be a greenie (a new missionary). Crazy. Sister Hand (our Sister Training Leader) is getting transferred, as well as our two Elders in our area, and quite a few other missionaries in our Zone. We also have new areas opening up! The work is hastening!

This week was amazing. Sister Knowlton and I have been doing all that we can to get lessons and find people, but the past couple weeks our numbers have been down. The Mission standard is twenty lessons (not including our dinners with members) and WE FINAL GOT OUR NUMBERS BACK UP. Hallelujah! I think the Lord just needs to constantly remind me that I am never in control. I think He will continue to remind me until I figure it out.

On Monday, our Zone was allowed to have a combined activity with both the elders and the sisters. We played capture the flag and because we can't play contact sports we used flour balls (pantyhose balls filled with flour). Yes. Pantyhose. It was funny to hear how the elders obtained said pantyhose. Most of the missionaries live with members and so the elders asked the women that they live with for their extra nylons. I can just picture my Cabbage Patch Kid of a District leader (Elder Brennan looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid) asking Sister Brink (an eighty year old woman in our ward) for her spare nylons. I wish I was there when he asked her.
Anyways, the game was a blast and one of the other District leaders took on eight of us (when his entire team was in jail) in his nice pants and tie! It was great. The worst part was changing back into a skirt after being covered in water and flour--Yes, I was ambushed.
We also got a new elder in our Zone last week. He is waiting on his visa to go to Brazil.

This week I received TWO PACKAGES. Thank you! I know have wonderful memory foam slippers and seven motivational Disney quotes. One quote is "All it takes is faith and trust." Keeping that in mind has really helped me.

So let me tell you about Donna. Donna is an older Christian woman who loves Jesus. Awesome, right? We met with her for the first time on Wednesday. Her friend Amanda (who is in another ward, but Donna lives in our ward boundaries) referred her to us and was there during the lesson. It was amazing. We met with Donna again yesterday and she told us that she believes that the Book of Mormon is true, but she doesn't understand the priesthood authority. But we have a time to meet with her again this week. Then, before we left Amanda told Donna that she has some friends that she'd like her to meet. Well, come to find out later that Amanda was talking about this couple in our ward. Amanda is already on board with helping her make friends in the ward. Seriously. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!? Sister Knowlton and I think she is one of the Three Nephites. What a boss.

This week we met with that less active woman and her son, let's call him John, again. Anyways, we had our Zone leaders come because they are serving in the Singles Ward (John is 23). We wanted to see if John would thrive in the Singles Ward. Well, John really hit it off with the elders! It was awesome! Earlier he had told us that he didn't like meeting new missionaries because then he had to get used to them. But he really liked the elders! Woot! Anyways, John is a hoot. But he told us that he isn't ready to quit smoking. The thing is that he won't ever be ready until he wants to start being healthy and quit so that he can have a better life. John nor his mother have faith in themselves to quit. But they both have told us that they feel great when they read the Book of Mormon. And we continue to tell them that the reason they feel good is because it's true!

I think one of the most exciting things that we did this week was serve at a produce fair. There is a church who has a food bank and what they did was donate a lot of food so that those who can't afford a month supply of food could have food this month. So our Zone of missionaries helped people carry their bags and I went through the lines with the people to help them. That was awesome. That church also showed the people how to prepare their food! Pretty sweet, right?! Man. I just love people who love to serve!!
Matthew 25:40. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

On Saturday, we had a transfer meeting, and our Zone leaders gave out awards. And for the first time in my life I got "Best hair." I think they were kidding. I can't say that I got it from my mama (Mom, it's a song). One of the elders got "Most likely to be seen on Duck Dynasty." Now, I wish that was my award.

Know that I love you and pray for you! God loves you all and wants you to get back to him!

Sister Hardy

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