Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week of 30 June through 6 July 2014‏

I am finally starting to feel like I have the hang of missionary work. I've been out for quite a while now, and I finally think I'm beginning to understand what missionary work is. I think I am also beginning to more fully understand what Jesus meant when he said, "Man shall not live by bread alone" (Matthew 4:4). We cannot live sustenance for just our physical bodies. We must feast upon the word of Christ for our spiritual livelihood. Funny story with that scripture: We were at a member's home for dinner and their little boy left the dinner table and so the dad asked," Cooper, did you eat all your dinner?" and then the mom said, "Well, he ate all his bread!" The dad then responded. "Man shall not live by bread alone!" It was hilarious! Sister Hanshaw and I got such a kick out of that!

This week we have continued meeting with Annette, Dana, and B. We had plans to meet with Bernard this week, but he was really sick this past week! Soooo.... we are meeting with him tonight. Bernard is such a gem. He has accepted every commandment and principle like he learned these things all his life!
Dana was originally meant to be baptized last night, but we changed the date to the 13th of July! So expect some pictures! She is absolutely amazing. We started teaching her daughter this week, too, Meilani. She is wonderful she is a young mom of 2--Pedro and Melina. Let's pray that Meilani will follow in her mother's footsteps!

We were teaching B on Tuesday and she is totally wanting to be baptized, but a bit afraid of committing. She really had some concerns about the Word of Wisdom--who wouldn't? Anyways, she was a bit concerned about tea and so we explained that really what is comes down to is if Joseph Smith is a prophet or not. Well, then we mentioned to her that she can drink Herbal tea--where it's actually not really tea. She then kind of stared at us dumbfounded and said, "What? That's all I drink!" This is something that she has been held up about for a long long time. Hahahha! Isn't that amazing how things like that work out? She is planning on being baptized at the end of the month so that her in laws can be there.

We also met with Annette! Oh my goodness SO MANY things have happened with her this week. First thing, she was driving out of a grocery store and her car broke down and the closest place that she could park was our church!! Isn't that amazing! Sister Hanshaw and I had planned to stop by her place Tuesday at 3--we didn't have an appointment--and so when we saw that her car wasn't there, we called her to see if we could stop by another time. We get her answering machine and not even a minute later, we get a call from Annette and she tells us that she just broke down! Is that a coincidence? I think not! So we ran over there at we taught her on the grass in the shade right at the church! Miracles happen if you believe.

AND. We finally got to meet our new mission president and his dear, sweet wife--the Mendenhalls!!! Fun fact: President Mendenhall served in my home mission!!! Isn't that amazing! He talked about the Hill Cumorah Pageant and his mission a wee bit. ISN'T THAT SO COOL? I am so excited to talk to him more about the area!

Well, that is all for now. I love this gospel. I know that it is true. We had the chance to teach a family in the ward last night and the spirit was so strong. I know that happiness only comes from this gospel and from Jesus Christ.

Love you all!
Sister Hardy
WE HAD AMAZING AFRICAN FOOD this week. A woman in the ward's mother made us a feast. I MEAN A FEAST.
This is sweet Precious!

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