Saturday, March 22, 2014

Goodbye Denver North!!

Alas. I have finally left Zion, the promised land, my birthplace into the mission, aaaaand now I am serving in good ol' Willow Creek in the Denver Stake! I have been here for less that 24 hours and I really don't know much about the area or nothing. However, I do know that I have a fantastic new companion, Sister Reynolds, who is from England! And has a killer accent. Every time I hear her talk, I want to talk in a British accent. It's killing me! But so fun!
However, back to Denver North! My last week in Thornton was filled with MIRACLES and of course delicious food: example, SMOKED pizza. But the miracles were more impressive!
This week we saw Lisa almost everyday! She came to the magic show, to our scripture study class, to CHURCH, and she even fed us dinner! Lisa and her husband, Richard, AND their grandsons AND their mother came to the magic show!!! Isn't that incredible?!?! We had a full house! Sophie, their daughter, even came to the scripture study class! We read from the Book of Mormon and we were able to really get down to the nitty gritty. It was phenomenal! I also was blown away that SHE CAME TO CHURCH! AHHHHH! I wanted to scream for joy! I will really miss her. I will really miss their family. They were a huge source of hope for me when I was down on myself or how slow the work was. Lisa always seemed to pull myself back up.
We visited with Cindy and Sage again and it was awesome! I loved it! Cindy told us that she was so ecstatic for us to come over and that she was SOOO HAPPY. It was incredible! She even prayed at the beginning of the lesson and it was AMAZING. Later on, her husband came into the house and we asked if he'd like to join us and he did! He was so nice! They both sense that there is something more to what we teach. Cindy has told us that has studied with other people and that it wasn't right. She feels so good about listening to our message and it was exciting! We invited Robert to read from the Book of Mormon and he said he would! He was so excited about it!
I am really going to miss Thornton ward. I'll be honest, I cried like a baby at church. I felt SO LAME. Dawn, Randy's girlfriend, asked if she could talk to me and she thanked me for everything, which made me cry harder. I can't believe I left that place! I absolutely LOVE Thornton. I feel like I really came to know what is important there. I have grown the most there and I have really grown into a better missionary. Obviously I am still striving to become a more consecrated servant of the Lord. It's a continual process.
Willow Creek will have to watch out because this place will turn into dunk city in a short amount of time!
The gospel is true. This I know!
Sister Hardy
My new companion, Sister Reynolds!

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