Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 27: The Adventures of Sister Flash‏

There are some cons to being a missionary (e.g. We don't watch TV). Because we don't watch the news, I had no idea that back home had (or is still having??) a MAJOR FREEZE! Is everyone okay? I was told that the temperatures got to negative 40! If that's true, that is insane!

**Because I have a blog, anyone can read what's going on in my life right now. There are several members in my ward out here that are keeping tabs on me :D. Well, there is a man in the ward (remember the Christmas pickle? That's the same family) who has now given me the name Sister Flash because I ran a red light and so I got a ticket.

This week was a lot of fun. On Tuesday, a member in our ward took us to Chick-fil-a and of course it was delicious--(the only downside to the East Coast is that they don't have Chick-fil-a, but they have Wegmans). Anyways, I think I might have an allergy to something in the Chick-fil-a sauce because it has made me feel really icky. But it's so good!
Afterwards, we had some appointments fall through (three to be exact), so we tried contacting referrals. We knocked on this one house and the music was blaring!! It was so loud you could hear it from outside. Yeah, she didn't answer, but we knew she was home.
We went and saw this less-active woman, Sister T. She is hilarious! I can't remember if I have mentioned her in past entries, but she is this awesome old lady! She is in her late 80s and she is just so sassy and I absolutely LOVE it! We also give her chapters to read from in the Book of Mormon and she loves it. I love having a quality gospel conversation about the scriptures! It brightens up my whole day!
We had some open time in the evening because our appointment cancelled, so we went and tried to see less actives. It was actually a blessing because we got to visit a family that we haven't seen in a while. They are doing some finishing work in their basement, and they said they'd call on us to paint. Hopefully, they will! I love painting!

Wednesday came and we had interviews with President Toombs, which went very well. I had some questions about investigators that he was able to answer, obviously. I had to fess up to him about my ticket, and apparently, the vehicle coordinator (Elder Langford) showed him the ticket because it's a photo-cop ticket. President Toombs laughed and said that there was no doubt about me running that red light.
Later on Wednesday, we went to Elm's Haven (an assisted living center) to help the residents there play Bingo. Oh man. Who knew that people would get so excited about Bingo! It's hilarious! There was this cute old guy named Orlando that I helped out and he was just so adorable!
We also finally met with Christiana and we taught her a little bit from the first discussion. She is such a wonderful young woman! I am excited to go back this week and talk to her! Her two little ones are so adorable!

On Thursday, we had a meeting with our zone and one of the elders shared a scripture that helped me feel Heavenly Father's love. It's 2 Nephi 1:15. I'll let you look it up because I don't have enough time to type it.
AND to top off the wonderful morning/afternoon, we actually had people attend our scripture study class! Sister Marshall and I had to wing it because no one was really prepared to teach.

The next day, we went to an appointment with Glenn, but he was sick, so we asked Lee who we could go pray with out of his neighbors. He told us of three of his neighbors and so we knocked on all of the doors right then. We knocked on this one door and it was hilarious! Here is just a snap shot of what happened:
Me: "Hi! How's it going?"
Odd man:.................
Me: "Ohh...okay. Uhhh, well, we are missionaries and we are offering prayers of peace over people's homes. Could we do that for you?"
Odd man: "There are five people sleeping right now in here."
Me: [Thinking "Sir, it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon."] "Oh, um, we're sorry. We didn't know anyone was sleeping."
Silence for about 15 seconds.
Odd man: "Sorry." [He shuts the door]

I couldn't help but laugh! It was hilarious! Despite our bad luck with him, a couple doors down we were able to pray with this one boy, Logan. He was very appreciative. It was awesome!

Then! On Saturday, the MIRACLE HAPPENED. Remember Michelle? I taught her when I was in the Malley ward and she got baptized! Well, her dad, Mike, got baptized on Saturday!! Isn't that incredible?! I was ecstatic! In a year, they can go to the temple together. How wonderful will that day be?!

Well, that's all for now. I want you to know that I love you all so much! And if I love you so much, how much more does Jesus Christ love you?

Sister Hardy

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