Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 23: Training. Take two.

Yes! I am training a new missionary again. I think the Lord is trying to teach me something, but I don't quite know what it is yet! But, I am still serving in Thornton and Sister Holladay got transferred to Woodglenn ward down the street.
My new companion is straight from the MTC! Yeah! And her name is Sister Marshall and she is from West Valley, Utah. She is twenty-two and enjoys long walks on the beach and "hates medium walks" (as one of the elders here would say). Just kidding about the long walks. BUT, she does love sign language! She is fluent, so she's going to teach me some!

This past week was pretty eventful. I was sure I was getting transferred, so I wanted to see everyone, but I didn't get transferred! Yay!

The most eventful thing that happened this week (other than finding a mouse in our room--Sister Holladay insisted that we name him Harold) was that we met Jason and Toni. They have three children and they were referred to us by some members in the ward. They were so kind to us and showed so much love! It was awesome!
AND! I almost forgot! On Friday, after we planned, Sister Holladay went out and tried to contact some people and EVERY SINGLE PERSON WE TALKED TO WAS NICE. It was the weirdest thing! But it was amazing! We met this one woman who told us that she would love for us to stop by and share a message with her! How neat is that!?

I have to go, but I will write more next week. I love you all and I know that this gospel is true. It is the only way to happiness and all of you can find peace in your lives by coming unto the Savior!

Sister Hardy


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