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A Few Weeks of Posts :)

Week of 7 April-13 April: Sunburn and snow  
This week was absolutely GORGEOUS! Sister Reynolds and I were outside a lot this week and I got really bad sunburn, which hopefully will turn into a tan. Let's cross our fingers! AND. You will never believe where I went on Monday?!?! PANERA. Yes. Reunited and it feels so good! We have a Panera in our area!!! #tendermercies. And Sister Reynolds experienced her first ever meal from Chick-fil-a! (There used to only be one in the other mission and now there is one in our district boundaries!!) Sister Reynolds also had her first 7-Eleven Slurpee! It was pretty great, but not as wonderful as the miracles that happened this week!
First thing is first. We met with Pascal--who is AMAZING. He has been very prepared by the Lord, but his wife isn't interested. She is trying to be more religious, but Pascal said that she is very far from her church and that he has come a long way. He told us that really wants to make this journey with her. Family is so important to him, as it is in our church. Missionaries will find him one day when he and his wife are both ready. I am sure of it!
This week we also met Joe and Simon. We were out walking on Wednesday and we saw a young guy taking a break from mowing, so we decided to talk to him! It was a miracle. He was so receptive. We introduced ourselves and he told us that his name was Simon and we just really tried to get to know him. He told us that he used to go to church regularly, but that he got out of the habit. He said that he is interested in getting more actively involved in church. Unfortunately, he doesn't live in our area! He lives in downtown Denver. It was a blessing to meet him though!
That same day, we were trying to contact a former investigator, Gene, and the address that was written didn't exist, so we decided to knock the doors closest to that house number. That is when we met Joe! AND HE IS A HIPPIE. HE EVEN HAS A HIPPIE VAN. Joe is pretty cool. He has a cool van and a ponytail and a sweet name. Anyways, Joe said that he very open to hearing what others believe. He talked about his belief in God and it was awesome. We are going to see him in 2 weeks! Holla. --SIDE NOTE: One of the coolest things about being a missionary is that you meet so many different people. I also figured that I wouldn't meet any hippies since I am so FAR from Boulder, CO.
On Thursday, we had an interesting visit with a woman, Pearl, and her son, Ron. They were in our area book and they totally wanted to bash with us, BUT it didn't work. We stayed strong and it was awesome!!
I love this work so much. I love missionary work. I truly have found myself by losing myself in this work. One of the many paradoxes of this gospel.
I love you all!
Sister Hardy
Funny quote of the week:
"Before I date, I want to court my future spouse." ---Hope (8 year old in the ward)
 This is me and Hope! She loves Duck dynasty just like me!! We have a special bond.

TRANSFERS! Bye, Willow Creek! Hello, Bible Park! ‏           
I was only in the willow creek ward for 6 short weeks! As opposed to my last area (Thornton--where I served for SIX months)! I have a new companion now, Sister Mata'itusi! Remember her from the MTC? Oh yeah. We are in Bible Park and this place is SO DIVERSE!!! I LOVEEEEEE it. (Remember when I went on exchanges with Sister Hand two weeks ago? Well, that place is where I am serving now!!!)
During our last week together, Sister Reynolds and I had a LOT of fun doing missionary work. We met with this one woman, Natalie, who hasn't been to church is quite sometime. However, she is so much more open to everything now! She is softening and she has been strongly fellowshipped by the women in the Willow Creek ward. SHE IS PROGRESSING!!! Can I get a "Hallelujah!"?
Then, Sister Reynolds and I went by a potential investigator, Sujai (who is from India); however, he wasn't home! But just a couple apartment buildings down, there is a less active woman, Debbie. So we tried her! And she let us in and we just really got to know her and set up a time to come back. AND THEN. She surprised us by coming to church on Sunday!!! AW yeah!!
Also, we went to a member's home looking for their son and daughter-in-law who live with them (however, they were both sick :( ), so we talked to the member, Brother S and he is a BOSS. He told us to go see 6 of the neighbors on his street! And he took us over to three of them!!! IT WAS AMAZING. Miracles happened. We met one of his neighbors, Peter. We set up a time to meet with Peter on Sunday and we met with him yesterday and it was a miracle!!!! I loved it!
Well, that is all for now!
I love this gospel. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He leads and directs the church today! I love you all!
Love, Sister Hardy

First off, Happy Easter!!
Secondly, Joyce got baptized!! Do you all remember Michelle? I taught her back in July when I was in Malley ward! Well, her little sister, Joyce, got baptized! Isn't that exciting! During the baptismal service, Michelle bore her testimony about the gospel and it was so powerful! She has completely changed. Remember Alma's words in Alma 5? "Have ye been spiritually born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?" WELL. Michelle TOTALLY has. She has a brighter countenance. I wish I could have you all see a before and after picture! It's incredible!! And her father, Mike, has completely changed, too!! It's incredible!! They are both SO HAPPY. This gospel brings a fullness of joy that no worldly thing can fabricate.
Third, I want to let ALL of you know how thankful I am for the Easter season. What a beautiful thing to celebrate! The Savior's Atonement!
Again in Alma, seventh chapter, we read:
11 And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.
12 And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.
Because of the Savior's Atonement, death has no sting, the grave no victory, and ALL of our sorrows can be swallowed up in the hope of Christ!! Of this I know. I have a stronger testimony of this since being out here on a mission!! I love the Savior, Jesus Christ. But more importantly, he loves us! If you haven't seen the "Because of Him" video, watch it now! --you will not regret it!
Alright. So this week, Sister Reynolds and I came up with a goal. And so far, miracles have happened!! Let me preface it with, every time we park to go visit someone, we say a prayer. Well, our goal is that after every prayer we say, we have to talk to three people we weren't planning on talking to if the appointment falls through. It may not seem like much, but by the end of the day, we sometimes have met SEVERAL people who are interested............
For example, one day this week, we were trying to contact a woman, Charity, whom we have met before. WELL, not to our surprise, she wasn't home, so we still had to talk to three people before we got back in the car. So we walked for a bit and met a man named, Kyle, who happens to be a leader in one of the local churches here. Then we tracted into an active member family in the ward--I am embarrassed to say that that is not the first time. But, we still needed one more person, so we knocked on the door across the street from the family's house, and we met Adam! Adam is a tattoo artist and musician, whose mother just recently passed away, and he is interested in learning more about the gospel. We set up a time to meet with him on Sunday, but he forgot that it was Easter and called us back and told us that he really wants to talk to us about what we believe but that Easter Sunday wasn't a good day. Things didn't work out exactly as we had planned, BUT we are going to see him sometime this week!!!
We also met some other potentials! Evan, Sujai, Neha, Dalva, Gabbie, and Mitzi!! I mean we met a lot of other people, but these are the ones who are quite promising! I shall
We visited with a less active couple that the Spirit totally led us to--Olivia and Jim. It was incredible. We didn't even have their records. #miracles. Even though neither of them have been at church in quite sometime, they both have such an amazing testimony of the love of our Heavenly Father. They are amazing people!!
I am just about out of time. I love you all and I love this gospel! Jesus lives! And because he lives, we, too, will live again!
Love, Sister Hardy
AT JOYCE'S baptism! I have such a derp face on, but I don't care! Joyce got baptized!!! (Sister Knowlton and I were reunited once again!) o come later!
This week we gave a dog a bath for service! Pretty fun, eh? This dog's name is Major Paine, and you can see he is part bear.
Also! We had a visitor from back home! Kevin! When we pulled up to our ward mission leader's house, I saw a pick up truck with a New York license plate and I about died!!

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